If you registered for the MAG Beta, you will get a code

ConnectedConsoles: Late last week, Sony put up a competition for over 17,000 Beta codes of their upcoming FPS, MAG. You may have been disappointed to have not got an e-mail from Sony in your inbox. Now however, it turns out no matter what, as long as you signed up, you're going to get one.

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joeyisback25853253d ago

it makes me mad that i bought qore on the 17th and still hasnt got a code yet wtf

YoungKiller253253d ago

i cannot stress this point enough

aceitman3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )
got mine in 2 days some less

wxer3252d ago

words on the streets that the new update had a updated the graphics too

cant wait fot this game

S_C3253d ago

Were did you have to register and isit to late to register now ?

mjolliffe3253d ago

Too late to register now

SpaceSquirrel3253d ago

I was among the first patch to get in =]

hakis863252d ago

I have not recieved an e-mail :-(

hakis863252d ago

Got the code on my mail just now, downloading :)

hakis863252d ago

And let med tell ya'll - the download time is RIDICOLOUS! This is why we still buy games on discs - downloading takes too freakin long.

(I'm still interested in trying out streaming - OnLive, though).

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Fatal Blow3253d ago

I got one from eu ps site and i was quite late after reading it hear and i saw it in my in box 2day that i got one guy's look in your in box or try the eu ps site if they are still giving the beta out am just downloading it now the demo is 265mb or something like that then the new update is over 2gb

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The story is too old to be commented.