Rumors About THQ Takeover May Be Right On

Believe it or not, there's a rumour going around where EA would like to snatch up THQ. According to, this could indeed happen.

"Video-game software publisher THQ (THQI) is being looked at as a target for media companies, including Electronic Arts (ERTS), Time Warner (TWX), and News Corp. (NWS). The stock is up sharply on heavy volume, and options-traders are busy scooping up calls."

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Jamegohanssj53254d ago

Lol, now that would be funny.


RememberThe3573254d ago

I hope they stay separate. Competition is always great.

gaffyh3254d ago

Shouldn't be allowed legally imo, looks like EA is trying to create a monopoly, competition is a good thing.

Pandamobile3254d ago

Damn it, EA, stop trying to eat your competition. First 2K, now THQ?

Darkfocus3254d ago

I say this is good thing if it makes them bigger than activision because ever since activision became the largest publisher from their blizzard merge bobby kotick activisions ceo has been acting like a jerk.

Elven63254d ago

Dawn of War
Saints Row
Red Faction
MX vs. ATV
A ton of kids games that sell like crazy
Destroy All Humans (the first two did really well)

You can see a complete list here,

And that's not including the internal THQ studios they would be after.

PirateThom3254d ago

I'd say it's almost certainly the WWE and UFC licences if anything.

Saint's Row and Red Faction are bonuses, but the fighting licences are what they're after.

BattleAxe3254d ago

I think EA could do a better job in bringing back Red Faction to being the great game that the first one was. Red Faction 2 and Red Faction: Gurilla were not that good IMO.

Try to imagine a FPS Red Faction with Dead Space graphics or who knows, maybe ever Killzone 2 level graphics.

KionicWarlord2223254d ago

I guess saints row wwe,ufc, and detroy all humans

I enjoyed destroy all humans .

But the rest of those games ..iffy.

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Dellis3254d ago

Yes yes, and fire FIRE YUKES

we can finally get a new WWE game

WWE been the same for like 10 years now

Elven63254d ago

THQ doesn't own Yukes, also, just like THQ, Yukes is in a license agreement with the WWE so they can't quit.

DeadlyFire3253d ago

Well Technically the deal has to go through THQ as well as it is the publisher. If EA gets THQ then they make the calls. So changes to the games will likely be made. Not likely the deal will change with Yukes and the 5 more years they just signed on for development, but if EA steps in it could shake a few things around and Yukes could be kicked off the team if WWE and EA make a better deal together.

I hope EA does get THQ. No Offense to any THQ fans, but some series have been slacking lately. Not all, but a few. Also if EA gets this it would add many new titles to the EA flock of titles they already own. Its very likely EA is looking to own UFC/WWE License though and probably hope to get TNA's as well. I hope that isn't the case though as they wouldn't have a good way to compete.

Smash Daddy3254d ago

Definitely after the WWE license. Much of the other stuff is break even / failing / good stuff that doesn't rake in nearly as much money.

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