GameZone: Demon's Souls Review

GameZone writes: "This is a truly exceptional RPG experience that hasn't been offered by any other game in its genre. It all comes down to whether you're brave enough to explore its savage environments, but if you are I can promise that you won't be disappointed".

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bunbun7773073d ago

preordered deluxe edition.

Im going to get you Adjudicator.

UnSelf3073d ago

MINE!!!!! sry drake :(

Bumpmapping3073d ago

AAA non stop only possible on PS3

eagle213073d ago

PlayStation 3 is where AAA LIVES. :)

Myst3073d ago

Because of all these high reviews it seems I have no choice, but to preorder this now. Was hoping to be able and just walk in the store and get the game, but because of this I'm going to have to assume that a lot of people are going to get it on Day one. So looks like I'll be preordering it next week when my paycheck lands in my account...

DonCorneo3073d ago

that's why it's a ps3 exclusive

xbots are wussies.. they'll wet themselves when playing this game

Rock Bottom3073d ago

Buying a 300$ console with more than 50% failure rate isn't brave enough for you? =(

cmrbe3073d ago

Rock bottom. Thats being a stupid idiot, not being brave. Bots will always be bots.

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