Edge Playtest: Wolfenstein Multiplayer

Edge: The public gets what the public wants – or should that be the other way around? It's hard to tell with disposable multiplayer modes. Every now and then you'll read of questionnaires sent to someone or other, asking whether last year's solo sleeper should be next year's multiplayer hit. Then you end up with zero-G deathmatch in Dead Space 2 (the latest rumour), and no one knows quite who to blame.

So who do we blame for the eight maps, three modes and three classes that constitute multiplayer in Wolfenstein? UK based developer Endrant Studios? Good luck: many of its staff have just been made redundant (and there were only 17 to begin with); a disposable team, you might say, for an eminently disposable game. Activision, then, which isn't exactly a stranger to these woods? Or do we, as usual, blame ourselves? Sadly, for the vast majority of modern online modes, the bottom line is this: someone keeps asking, someone keeps listening, and no one keeps playing.

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