XGN: Wolfenstein Review

XGN writes: "In an recently interview you could have a little taste of what the new Wolfenstein is. Meanwhile, we also played the game but we have not been enough of WWII games?"

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Raider693197d ago

Its with great sorrow that i see this game been underrated by some reviewers!They probably probably play 2 or 4 hours and post a review for the hole package!My friends this game is an 8/10 minimum or an 8.5 at is best!The single player campaign is simply great,any one that like games involving occult themes "just like the game FEAR " should pick this game!The levels are all full of variety environments and foes,the way the powers from the veil dimension are implanted in the gameplay are gorgeous,and if you play this in uber difficulty the AI will give player a very nice challenge in the way that you truly need to use your powers to win this war!