SCEE Giving Out 16,000 MAG Beta Codes

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) will be sending out 16,000 beta codes for MAG to eligible PSN users.

The codes will be sent out weekly until Oct 1st 2009, it is also worth noting that the servers will only be open for 6 hours a day between Monday and Friday. (5pm to 8pm and midnight to 3am, GMT)

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Gabe EatsWell2957d ago

I hope all PS3 owners here on N4G get in.

hay2957d ago

Oh, me wanna, me wanna, though I was only lucky enough to get into LBP beta in my entire PS3 career...

rockleex2957d ago

Like its a job.

Its no job for me.

Its a hobby. A past time. A lifestyle. ^_^

*Now starting at $299*

Pandemic2957d ago

Sorry to say, but they are horrible times depending on where you live. :P

Anon19742957d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what's what. This is a highly anticipated title.

peeps2957d ago

"orry to say, but they are horrible times depending on where you live. :P "

well it's cus they are codes for europe

hay2957d ago

@rockleex: It's a metaphor.

Milky Joe2957d ago

Remember everyone, if you don't live in a PAL country this is NOT for you!! SCEA will be handing out there own codes so leave these ones alone and let the people they're intended for have them!

Skynetone2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

my email is [email protected]

i dont get codes i get emails asking me to buy the new ps3 slim, {owning two not enough for you sony}

Jinxstar2957d ago

Just got in. Gonna upload it in a few hours =D

nycredude2957d ago

I got my invite from having Qore yesterday. Starts Thurs. and I can't wait!!!

mugoldeneagle032957d ago

I logged onto the EU Forums through my EU PSN handle, despite living in North America. I already borrowed the BETA from a friend that got into the private one a month or so back, but I figure I'd give it a shot.

If it doesn't work I'll give it to one of your European N4G members


16,000 is a lot though, especially if this article was posted recently. I'm sure if you sign up by at least today you'll get in

KingsofOmega2957d ago

Are they all gone?

If so WTF? Its only 4:50 over here, most people are still at work.

So basically Sony are giving out codes to kids and the unemployed.

irish-leprecaun2956d ago

are u irish??
on topic; i have 2 accounts so i will enter both and if i get 2 i will send ya one

Bobby Kotex2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I got my code yesterday and it said it was invalid. Hopefully because the beta hasn't started yet. Anyway I get to play a whopping 30 minutes each night after work.

y0haN2956d ago

Just signed up, anyone know when they will actually be giving them out?

edgeofblade2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I don't want to call MAG a Halo-killer because it doesn't deserve that pressure. I have high expectations and I honestly hope it does well. I was impressed with the solid controls from my time with it at PAX, and that was the one thing that Killzone 2 was missing the most.

I have no reason to doubt MAG, unless the fanbase starts doing something stupid.

Oh, and I have my code already. And I have one extra code to be given away tomorrow...

Pandemic2956d ago


The codes are also available for Australia, and yet they are still horrible times.

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scruffy_bear2957d ago

I want a code please Sony :)

hakis862957d ago

I hope I'm in.. thanks for the tip, whoever posted it! :):)

timestoby2957d ago

done and done,now its a sitting game lol

mastiffchild2957d ago

Gutted! It won't let me sign up-just keeps saying the page isn't available when I click to enter.

Why is this? Just busy or is everyone else getting it easy enough?

hakis862957d ago

I had no problems - I just signed in then clicked the link again... (Norway)

mastiffchild2957d ago

God knows! I'm in the UK, been trying for over an hour now with no joy so I'm gonna have to sack it and moan to Sony (well SCEE)about it as noone else seems to have any issues at all!

Spinitus2957d ago

i was having the same problem, n then it went through.

mastiffchild2957d ago

48 attempts and still no joy!

mastiffchild2957d ago

Finally! Managed to get them to let me enter after 116 attempts! Started counting after the first three went wrong!

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NaiNaiNai2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

How is mag online. when I first heard about It I thought it would be extremely laggy with 256-players. even BF2 is laggy at 64.

So someone who has played the beta, could you tell me how it is, and whats it like with that many players going at it at once?

Just wondering how it plays, since SO:tlh is going over to the ps3 in special edition, and I know KH will never go to the 360, I'm looking into games to for future purchase.

ExPresident2957d ago

I played in the closed beta and didn't experience any lag, I was extremely shocked at how smooth it ran.

11 360s and counting2957d ago

Do you have to apply or is this a random thing?

XXXCouture2957d ago

The first 16.000 who applies gets a code

Chillbilly2956d ago

It's smooth like buttah!

NaiNaiNai2956d ago

cool, then I'll probably pick this up then. I really enjoy large battles, >.> but I suck at PC shooters so there not very fun with alot of people.

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retrofly2957d ago

Is it first come first served? Hope so :)

vicheous2957d ago

Yeah it is! It says so in on the page...

jhoang2957d ago

in the article it said that the first 16,000 entries will get the code so yea it is.

all of a sudden 16,000 doesnt seem like a whole lot now