Gamervision: Rogue Warrior Hands-on PAX 09

Gamervision writes:
"Rogue Warrior was the worst game I played at the Penny-Arcade Expo. I felt as though every moment my hands gripped the cold Xbox 360 controller was some sort of small brand of torture, like those fake electrocution machines at arcades. Why did I continue playing? Likely for the same reason I continue to hold on as the metal shakes and emulates an electrical charge. It was a test to myself, trying to see exactly how long I could hold on until removing my numb hands, cracking my knuckles, and grabbing my tickets. In this case, however, there were no tickets to redeem, no stuffed animal to win, just the knowledge that I spent five minutes playing Rogue Warrior when I could have used that time doing something better in Seattle, like playing Halo ODST or throwing myself off of the Space Needle."

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