Rage: Consistent Framerates Across All Platforms

Lead designer for Rage confirms that the game will have consistent framerates across all platforms when it is released.

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lalalala2959d ago

Good to know, but I'll probably get this on PC, also graphically this looks really really good. I don't remember ever seeing any footage of this.

gaffyh2959d ago

I was thinking of doing the same, but I might get it for PS3 just for trophies when it is released.

2959d ago
gaffyh2959d ago

Well id are really a PC dev, so I'd expect them to lead on that.

cmrbe2959d ago

I will only play the best versions so that mean for Rage. It will be the PC.

lalalala2959d ago

@1.4 - Yeah that's why I want it on PC.

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Blow Out Your Brains2959d ago

This is great news. I'm really looking forward to this game!

jarhead9062959d ago

Not to start up trouble, but was this the game that supposedly needed at least two discs for the Xbox 360 version or would be limited by the 360 tech, according to the developer?

ShabzS2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

yeah initially they couldnt fit the landsape in 2 discs... they wanted to make the game in 3 discs but wanted ms to reduce the royalty charges per disc ...

last news that had come out about the dvd issue was that if they decided to go with 2 discs they would keep the muliplayer on one and story on another... but then even after that todd holenstead said that 3 discs might be a possibility.. theres no official number yet

gaffyh2959d ago

Yeah id wanted to put it on 3 discs, but not pay MS the extra royalty fee (that you have to pay for each disc I think), but they said that they were going to try and squeeze the game on to 2 discs if MS didn't wave the fee, thus making it look worse on 360.

Basically they were trying to blackmail MS into waving the royalty fee lol.

lalalala2959d ago

I doubt there will be much difference in quality between the consoles (apart from the PC version being miles ahead). But I wonder if the PS3 framerate statement was damage control from id, maybe they annoyed many 360 fans and had to say something negative against the PS3 in order for them to give their game a second look?

gaffyh2959d ago

@3.3 - Interesting idea, doubt it's true though.

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gaffyh2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

wrong thread