D+PAD Magazine - Motorstorm: Arctic Edge Reviewed

Is giving an established franchise a heavy frosting of snow and shoving it onto a hand-held enough to warrant attention? Big Big Studios seem to think so, and in this instance we're inclined to agree – Motorstorm's transition to Sony's handheld is a remarkably smooth one.

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talltony3108d ago

for a good game. PSP is BACK!

badz1493108d ago

OMG I was too busy playing my PS3 I forgot about this! damn...*going to the store*

dalibor3108d ago

The next Motorstorm for Ps3 has to have rain, fog, ice & snow. Different courses like tropical, desert, on a mountain & a city! Maybe a create your vehicle mode would be badass. New vehicles like a firetruck or ambulance haha. As for online, how about a co-op of some sort, a buddy & you could work together in seperate vehicles to try & win the race.

Dead_Cell3108d ago

Put a team relay mode in Online.

Milky3108d ago

This is gonna be amazing. Day one.

Lord_Ranos3108d ago

PSP Rules!!!!!!!

My name online is probably gonna be Kraken130.