SOCOM: FTB 3 Trailer and Screens

GamersDigest has uploaded a trailer and several screenshots from SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3.

SOCOM: FTB 3 has players lead a 4-man fireteam of U.S. Navy SEALs in an action-packed military hunt for weapons of mass destruction and an ex-KGB agent.

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cereal_killa3206d ago

That it does I loved the first 2 FTBs and I'm glad that the series is coming back I was really disappointed in Tactical Assault that game was more of an RTS style game does anyone know when this is coming out this and Peace Walker are the 2 games I look forward to on my PSP.

BattleAxe3206d ago

I'll be picking this up for sure. Gotta love the 4 player online campaign co-op.

morganfell3206d ago

We played this at E3. They only had 2 PSPs running it but we jumped in on the Ad Hoc mode and had two AI team members backing us. Slickest controls on a PSP game...ever. I have this on order already. The ability to 4 player co-op the entire SP campaign, Ad Hoc or Infrastructure, ratchets up the bar.

Chubear3206d ago

Need SOCOM SP campaign for the PS3 ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milky3205d ago

This is gonna be awesome. Man PSP has best line-up this year. I think I am only gonna have money left for this and Motorstorm arctic edge, all the rest will have to be christmas presents.

3205d ago