Spiderman 3 Wii Glitches

Spiderman 3 Wii Glitches

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ITR3914d ago

Better video PLEASE!

How many times did they compress this video?

Diselage3914d ago

I don't think it's the compression, it's just the fact that it's a "cam" version.

Marty83703914d ago

That game is so poor on Wii. Why did they bother.

God of Gaming3914d ago

Easy, they took the PS2 game and ported it to EVERY platform. The game looks bad on the 360 and PS3 also. This was simply to cash in on all fronts. Sad but true

P4KY B3914d ago

Its only a Beta build.

When the game drops it will look better than a Pixar movie.


Pheneus3914d ago

Have you seen the reviews? The only title that wasn't full of glitches and horrendous camera work was the DS version...

kingofps33914d ago

Looks like another must have Wii title.

ITR3914d ago

To sell the game Toys R Us bundled it with new Wii's.

They sold out this Sunday.

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