Valve undecided about Left 4 Dead DLC working in L4D2

Joystiq writes.... Valve raised quite a stink after announcing a new downloadable campaign for the original Left 4 Dead with only a few months remaining until the release of Left 4 Dead 2. What everyone still wants to know is whether this content will be compatible with the sequel -- and we do mean everyone. In an interview with Edge Online, Valve's Chet Faliszek explained that even the game's creators are unsure whether the new campaign will be playable in the second edition of the zombocalypse sim.

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TruUnknowN3085d ago

Man, one bad thing after another.. C'mon Valve, make us gamers happy and do some good things please.

MiloGarret3085d ago

Wow, you whiners are never happy, are you? Tell me, when was the last time campaign or mp DLC for a game worked on its sequel?


Fück sake, I'm really starting to hate l4d whiners, I hope valve rapes you all by releasing l4d3 in january.

butterfinger3085d ago

tends to make gamers happy more often than most companies nowadays. Their DLC is free through Steam and pretty cheap on the 360. Why don't you start asking Activision why the COD4 map pack won't work with COD:MW2?

Kushan3085d ago

"or recently purchased, incompatible DLC?"

Right, I'm all for having a go at Valve over this L4D2 fiasco, but this is taking the piss. The DLC is NOT incompatible, the DLC is for L4D1 and that's quite clear. Did the DLC for Gears 1 work on Gears 2? No and you wouldn't expect it to.
There's plenty you can have a go at Valve about, but this is taking the piss.

pippoppow3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Yeah coming out in 6 months since sooner is better than later. It'll have Telco Jack, Dispatcher Jane and K9 Officer Billy Bob with Slackjaw with new weapons like the bronze shoes, the oak grand piano leg also a new Zombie called Mombie that spawns lil baby zombies. Valve is on a roll.

pianplay3085d ago

I mean, i admit it baffles me as to why Valve would even say they would make it work out, but in the end, you're all going to buy Lfd2 anyways...

Saaking3085d ago

L4D is one of my favorite games this gen and while I'm mad about L4D 2 releasing so soon I'll buy it unless they put the price up or something.

Pandamobile3085d ago

Game will be $45 on PC at release (on Steam)

Or $60 if you play on Xbox (lol)

Saaking3085d ago

I'm thinking about getting it on P.C. I got L4D on the 360 but the PC is obviously better and cheaper... Idk yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.