id Software on Wolfenstein MP Leak

Wolfenstein, like all good PC games, has been leaked onto the Internet for the freeloading enjoyment of dirty pirates. The Multiplayer portion of the game has been distributed online at the usual places, and Texas-based studio id is well aware of it. The developer has made it perfectly clear that evil publisher Activision is looking into the leakage, and there will stern retribution for those who dare cross them.

"I must warn anyone involved that Activision's legal department is taking this matter very seriously," states id community manager Pete Sokal. "Same applies here on the forums. If you mention that you have acquired this build, you are openly admitting to illegally obtaining the build and will be banned straight away. You have been warned.

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fossilfern3122d ago

*Closes torrent window* :(

wiggles3122d ago

If people in suits come to your door asking to see your computer....throw it out the window :)

Carl14123122d ago

If it was any publisher beside Activision, i might sympathise.

But it iss Activision, so i will proceed to sit and not care.

Feel a bit sorry for Id thogh

fossilfern3122d ago

Or i will throw the PC at them and then out the window with them after it :D i think it would be better :D

-Mezzo-3121d ago

Or better yet plant a bomb in your house and set window breaking the detonate, whenever they showup jump out of that window yourself. and the rest is histroy.

BLAME it on terrorists.

gamesR4fun3121d ago

dling now whats u gonna do about it :P

lol let em whine n grumble this is jus like every other game out there fact is if its good it will sell. Doesnt matter if its pirated or even if its published by a bunch of douchbags...

NeoCloud3121d ago

I am kinda afraid of them right now to be honest.


lololololololololollo.l.o.lo.o hhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhaha hkajhahahahahahhaajlanlnlan.''' ''' hahah.....

oh man, i am crying with laughter wright now, its funny, such a simple comment but man you made my day. bubble

Mo0eY3121d ago

These guys aren't playing. They contacted my ISP one day, and I had my internet disconnected for 7 days. Now I download with all sorts of IP blocking software that prevents websites like id hires to track me down.

Muahahahahahhahahhaha, eat that, id.

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Foxgod3122d ago

murdering is more illegal then stealing!

Can i admit that i am not interested in wolfenstein ?
Cause it dont look so special....

-Mezzo-3122d ago

i did....not i didn't lol.

Roper3163122d ago

all Activision games should be pirated or bought used imho if a person feels the need to play any of the generic cookie cutter games. The devs should find a new publiher and disassociate themselves from the biggest scumbag company in the industry. While I personally won't pirate Wolfenstein I will eventually pick it up used at some point.

Nihilism3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

this game hurts I.D more than activision..........this is one of 3 games they're working on, and the main source of income for them(obviously), whereas activision are so rich it don't mean sh!+, i.d hate to see a great company suffer for activision's stupidity
(especially making them a target for pirates ^cough bobby kotick cough^)

good thing they're gonna be releasing doom 4 through bethesda......a company that actually cares about making games.....

and it has to be said


Roper3163122d ago

I also am all for supporting the devs and have never pirated a game and just bought my 1st used game a few weeks back ( Prototype ) becuase it was published by Activision. If the dev feels the need to associate with Activision I choose not to support them. I am sure they could have found a different publisher for the game like EA, Bethesda, Sony, MS Game Studios to name a few.

As far as I am concerned if you sleep with scum you are scum and Activision is scum.

Saaking3122d ago

Pirates make me sick. Developers work hard (at least most of them) to create games and then you have people going around stealing them. Pirating is the same as stealing.

Gun_Senshi3122d ago

Rising the price of an expansion for nothing is stealing
Selling over priced plastic crap is stealing
Selling DLC already on disc is stealing

Activision deserve having all their games pirated. I wish MW2 will not sell 1 copy and everyone pirates so Bobby shuts his mouth about "I want to higher the prices even more"

Saaking3122d ago

Activision can do whatever they want. I won't buy their sh!t, but pirating is stealing no matter who it's done to even if it is Activision.

Gun_Senshi3122d ago

Stealing from the rich and greedy is good!

Carl14123122d ago

Ha, yeah good one. I am poor(ish) and Acti is rich, so who cares.


Syronicus3121d ago

That work for Activision that are no different than you or me and if for some reason Activision were to take a large hit on profits, they would lay off those average employees. In the end, you're not just hurting the rich A-Holes at Activision, but you are hurting even the lower-level employees that make about the same amount of cash as we do and suffer to make a living like us.

People can say all they want but to justify pirating is silly and makes it no less wrong.

LONEWOLF2313121d ago

Hmmmm..........dont really care. Im getting this day one for the 360. So its not worth DL, to me at least.

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