Direct2Drive's Best of Indie Bundle, Volume 1

Jason Evangelho writes:

"Ever since reading Michael Abbott's downright brilliant exploration of Zeno Clash - a game which I, among many others had written off as nothing more than an imaginative brawler - I've been wanting to plunk down my $14.99 and give it my full attention.

Patience pays off! Now, for three more bucks, I can own Zeno Clash and four other indie games that have been tempting blips on my radar. Especially Defense Grid: The Awakening which looks like a downright stunning 3D twist on the tower defense genre. These two titles alone for $18 is a steal, but Direct2Drive is making the digital funds leap voluntary out of my wallet (and I'm a cheapskate!) by throwing in a total of 5 sweet looking indie games for $17.75."

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shadowdancer3244d ago

Why have I not heard about Defense Grid until now???

-Mezzo-3244d ago

i have just heard about ti as well, but still don't understand what exactly it is.

-Mezzo-3244d ago

I would love D2D on consoles.

killyourfm3243d ago

That *would* be interesting...but I'm guessing that the 'big 3' will always hold the keys to distribution on their platforms and want to control everything going through the channels.