CoD4 Playlist Patch Live – Fixes Exploits in Public Games Until Patch Certification on Xbox 360 & PS


According to Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling, a Call of Duty 4 patch has been sent to Microsoft and Sony for certification, which should foil any nefarious individuals who want to continue to cheat at the game. In the meantime, a playlist update will stop them in public matches, so you should have a hacking-free multiplayer experience now.

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cl63AMG3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Well its about bloody time!!

thewesker3418d ago

who cares gears of war = better

RustInPeace3418d ago

Just a matter of opinion/choice. As they say, "to each his own." When I did have a 360, I bought and liked Gears, but for me, its lasting appeal wasn't much. Then again, I sold my Xbox about 2 or 3 months after the purchase. I haven't tried Gears2 yet... is it much better?

avsrule3418d ago

cod4 is way betta wat u talkin' bout wesker

table3418d ago

I'll elaborate...


dannyhinote_133418d ago

Yep. Good to see that a developer will continue to support there game that long after release. Then again, Infinity Ward is top-notch and I doubt they'd let crap like that go down in a game that continues to be that popular.

muleby3418d ago

so u can still use it in private matches with ur buds or will u get in trouble just to be clear i never cheat in cod

dannyhinote_133418d ago

Yeah, but the patch will soon end that too. :)

Corepred43418d ago

now i can actually play a decent game. its funny pointing out all those cheaters who are now on level 1 or 2. hahahahaha!

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The story is too old to be commented.