Spider-Man 3 Launch Trailer

In anticipation of Spider-Man 3's official release tomorrow, Activision has today released a launch trailer for the game. Watch the video here and go pick up the game for your platform of choice once it's in stores later in the week.

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Inasid4127d ago

Hopefully the movie looks better than this game.

Scythesean4127d ago

You know if you don't like it you don't have to comment. This game is going to be sweet, I enjoyed the last two movie games and I know this one will be even better.

TheExecutive4127d ago

graphics are less than stellar. I will pry have to rent this game... never played the other two. Scythesean what made the other games fun?

Scythesean4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

the last two had good game play the first one wasn't the best but is was a huge jump from the old games. The second gave you a type of GTA 3 environment but more freedom to explore all of the city. The store line was nice and the graphics looked really good. The bad side of the 2nd game was the constanst stupid side missions.

The nice thing about this new game is that they took all of the fans comments about the past games and worked on a better game play. They removed the stupid side quest and added gangs and more realistic missions. It's nice to see developers listen to fans and work on the better parts and remove the bad.

You can't tell how the graphics look from just these videos, you need to see it in HD while playing the game. This game will do very well I think, it's the first on the new systems and it should be a good time.

LSDARBY4127d ago

I thought it didnt launch until the 4th of many, tomorrow is the 1st

Sean142334127d ago

I would imagine you would start to see it appear during the week at various stores. I think Friday is the date everyone should have it. I am not sure if it has been street dated as the 4th or not. Although many retailers are bad at enforcing those anyway.

I think it looks like a good game, the poster above is correct, don't judge the graphics by these low quality vids. The HD experience will be the real test.

BrainDead4127d ago

Gameplay > Grahpics

is this for the english release aswell?

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