Macworld Review: Braid

Timing is everything. In Braid, a time-bending, darkly psychological puzzle platform game by Jonathan Blow (distributed by Hothead Games), time is your main tool to guide Tim through his strange odyssey. A complex and genre-defying masterpiece, Braid is difficult to label and even more difficult to beat.

When you first launch Braid, you're confronted with what looks like a darkly backlit and haunting silhouette of a little tie-wearing man with a cityscape behind him. After a couple of seconds, you realize this isn't a title screen but the first level. The beautiful art style and haunting soundtrack are key features that thread throughout the game but begin when the game is first launched.

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A_Little_Girl3396d ago

this is a great game and its the closest thing to ico and shadow of the collosus

meepmoopmeep3396d ago

lay off the drugs


i'll get this on PS3 when it's out

A_Little_Girl3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

you havent play this game yet? trust me. once u play it youll see it resembles a ico and sotc. i have both ico and sotc for ps2, and braid for 360. obviously i played all 3, i know what im talking about

meepmoopmeep3396d ago

i'm kidding

everyone has their own opinion.
nothing wrong or right about it.

yup, gonna get it on ps3 when it's out.

zagibu3396d ago

What it has in common with those two is the eerie atmosphere. Otherwise, all three games are quite different, in terms of gameplay mechanics. But they are all great.