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Saaking3095d ago

The temp is 230 degrees and this is the only comment. Wow.

urban bohemian3095d ago

Its no Mass Effect Alien Lesbian Sex Scene

TheDude2dot03095d ago

Most are just looking for pictures.

OtherWhiteMeat3095d ago

With or without nudity The Witcher is a great game.Shame that the console version was canceled.

-Mezzo-3095d ago

i prefer it with nudity. but anyway?

Silly Mammo3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I downloaded the (un)official patch last Spring. NOT because I had to see nudie girls, but because it was the version that the developers made before silly censorship reared it ugly head into an M rated game.

And for the record, I also only read the articles in Playboy...ok ok I patched it to see nawked girls. :-D

Xof3095d ago

The unofficial decensor didn't work 100%.

And am I the only one who can't download this (or the 1.5 update) from the official site?

wanderofys3095d ago

1.5 is downloading fine for me right now. I don't know about this one yet, but I didn't even see it listed