Another Wedesday Arcade Double Header

Major Nelson lets us know that this Wednesday we have another double release on XBLA. 'Eets: Chowdown' (800 points) and 'Pinball FX' (800 points) hitting the Xbox Live Arcade.

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shotputking4134d ago

i have officially given up hope of seeing double dragon before i graduate in early may... and head back to my parents house and *gasp* dial-up until i move out...

Diselage4134d ago

Where the heck is Castle Crashers, pinball is nice and all but dang it i want to get my 4 player MP on with charaters that look like they're were drawn in middle school.

God of Gaming4134d ago

Bad news... back at GDC they announced that Castle Crashers was pushed back a year to early 2008.

Diselage4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Can't believe i missed that! Well i'll probably get another XBLA title before then, god knows what it'll be though.

God of Gaming4134d ago

The good news is (according to the developers) the extra time will be spent using the new larger allowed XBLA size to pack in more goodness.. My fingers are crossed, the game looked fantastic.

shotty4134d ago

I wonder if they'll ever attempt a triple header

calderra4134d ago

Anyone remember when Worms was finally kicked out the door, and even the developers admitted it was severly buggy? Give developers time- a lot of 'em apparently forget that Live Arcade games need to be tested just like any other game!