Mirror's Edge DLC For Free

TheSixthAxis: Now whether this is a mistake or not we don't quite know yet, but if you head over to the UK PSN Store and search for the Mirror's Edge DLC entitled Pure, you'll notice that you can download this previously £7 pack for free. The beautiful time trail levels are a must have for any Mirror's Edge owner. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading.

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DeforMAKulizer3446d ago

WOW!!!! Downloading it as we speak!!!
Patience is always key hehe..
Gotta wonder if it is a mistake, or EA and Dice decided to make it free!!
I love these free giving/mess-ups either way!

The Hunter3446d ago

I got it also, thanks EA and DICE!!!

Yi-Long3446d ago

... should have been free from the get-go. The DLC made me not buy the game at fullprice.
I loved the demo, and then they pulled the DLC-milking stint again and I couldn't be bothered with buying the game.

SpaceSquirrel3446d ago

I agree, it should have been free.

jerethdagryphon3446d ago

thanks for the tip dled it already

Carl14123446d ago

i payed £7 for it and glad i did. One of my favourite games of last year.

TheColbertinator3446d ago

Is this only for Europe or it is also for America?

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The story is too old to be commented.