Trine Now Available at PC Retail

Trine, a unique and absorbing fantasy action game from Frozenbyte, which challenges players to battle with the forces of space, energy and motion in a magical kingdom, is released to retail today on PC by Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment.

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dreamtheater873118d ago

Downloaded this game on Steam last week, it's brilliant. I strongly recommend it!

winther_3118d ago

The game looks so amazing, just a real shame it's so expensive :(

1111113118d ago

Buy it - you wont be disappointed mate.

adsaidler3118d ago

trine is awesome, i've downloaded it for PC, it plays great on single player with a mouse+keyboard, but the co-op, using 2 xbox 360 controllers sucks too much

1111113118d ago

...trine comes along and its fricken brilliant.
I love it :D

winther_3118d ago

Yeah, I'll probably end up bying it anyways :D

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