Redrawn PC Erotic Game Looks Like This

Remember this? Sure, you do! This image must have been burned into your brain. Erotic game Sengoku Hime is infamous for its crummy game art. That art has been re-drawn for the PS2/PSP ports. Compare the new art with the original PC art. Have a preference?

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STONEY43247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

150 degrees and no comments??? Something is wrong around here...

christian hour3247d ago

Happens everytime theres something breast related on N4G. The degrees reach incredible amounts, and the comments can stay at like 2-3. Thats why I always comment in them, cos I feel bad for the topic, getting all these looky loo's, but everybodys to afraid to approach and talk. haha.

christian hour3247d ago

How is this even news worthy? Who the hell approved this crap?

Jhun3246d ago

I just came in here to make this comment:


flame moar, kthnx

bankai3247d ago

if only we could get more subbed console or pc ports of these games that i dont have to get pirated

christian hour3247d ago

Seriously? You play these? I mean no offence I just, didn't think anyone outside of japan, or anywhere on this site at least, played these type of games :P

skip2mylou3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

aww dude y u got to be like that? i play these types of games 2 but because im Vietnamese and Chinese and yeah i like these types of games it doesnt really matter about my race i could be white, black, spanish , etc and could still enjoy these types of games

christian hour3246d ago

What I meant was I didn't think these games ever made it out of japan. It was nothing to do with race or anything like that.

MajestieBeast3246d ago

Kotaku for you double dosage of b00bs and pink haired anime girls.