Unlockables are outdated, says Tekken chief

The age-old tradition of featuring unlockable characters in fighting games is "outdated" and "no longer useful," according to Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada.

All 40 characters will all be available from the start of Tekken 6.

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locos853452d ago

So what will drive us to keep playing after a while if there is nothing to play for? Trophies?

LiquifiedArt3452d ago

Unlocking characters is more of an annoyance then real "fun", but its always been an annoyance!

Paying to unlock ANYTHING that already exists on the disk should be ILLEGAL. You shouldn't be able to buy a product (Remember you now OWN the disk) and have to pay more to unlock additional content on that very disk you own. Thats straight up fraud and there should be laws against it.

Tony P3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

I'm ambivalent because for one, I'm used to unlocking characters and it adds some replay value. On the other hand, if that frees the devs up to make something a bit more worthwhile to unlock, I don't mind.

This is Namco we're talking about and their two big fighters (Soul Calibur and Tekken) have always had ambitious features besides unlocking characters. T5 came with 4 full unlockable games, people. While I don't know if they can match that with T6 (the can definitely try on the blu-ray edition because of the space), I don't think they're going to screw us on replay value.

DLC on the other hand... It's a wait and see.

IdleLeeSiuLung3452d ago

Generally speaking with software you own nothing and is only given a license to use the software. Ever read the eula of any software you buy?

This is no different than buying Windows Vista and have all versions on the same disc. You don't get all of them do you?

Now I do detest DLC, especially the kind that normally would be free or included. However, consumers aren't entitled to anything and can vote with their wallets. Apparently the masses have spoken....

SuperStrokey11233452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

@locos85: Umm fun?

WTF, who would disagree that playing a game for fun is more important than playing it for trophies?

IdleLeeSiuLung3452d ago

the gazillion trophy/achievement whores that played hannah montana and avatar for points!

rockleex3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

You won't be paying for anyone. Unless there's actually more than 40 characters, and the extras are already on the disc waiting for you to pay for DLC. <_<

Anyways, it will be like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection HD for PS3. All characters unlocked. The only thing you need to do is play the game a lot to get money to buy outfits.

But I still like the old way of unlocking characters, it actually forces you to use all the characters. Just look at Tekken 3 for example. It was so successful because of all the different modes and characters and outfits you could unlock!

Developers are making unnecessary changes to games because they think "times are changing". I guess that's why modern games don't have the same charm as those older classic games.

kewlkat0073452d ago

I actually don't mind unlocking characters, at least it gives you the incentive to fight with different characters(SPAM if you want) and get stuff.

I remember playing Soul Caliber 2 and getting all the characters and doing the missions to get the items. This is all replay value.

nothere4133452d ago

IDK, maybe people are just crappier at video games nowadays. You wouldn't believe how many friends I have that have me help them in games whenever I'm over.

GameGambits3452d ago

With how many fighting games are coming out this year with awesome features I don't get why Tekken wants to have less things we are used to in fighting games?

I really feel the best fighting game of 2009 will be between BlazBlue and King of Fighters 12. I'm currently playing the crap out of BlazBlue and this game is A M A Z I N G!

FamilyGuy3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

It pisses me off when devs try to make up fake excuses as to why they charge for new characters. We ALL know they're gonna release more through DLC and we all know it was their plan from the start.

SCIV got away with charging $5 for a character that was %100 on disc and they've lead the trend of what going to keep happening this gen. We'll praise free DLC even though it actually SHOULD be free anyways.

Naruto Ninja storm is the only game to release a bunch of free characters, but they're only support characters and Naruto Ninja Storm has no online fighting/competitive mode.

Anyways, having all the characters unlocked from the go is fine and welcomed because it leaves me with more time to play online and prevents the occurrence of them possibly charing to unlock everything, another thing SCIV that use to be done by cheat codes

badz1493451d ago

unlockables are so last gen! DLC is next gen!! pfft...devs these days! always spit out crap so they can charge SH!T (DLC)!!

mfwahwah3451d ago

If you play single player,you have to unlock characters. When you jump online, you have all of the characters unlocked.

That would be ideal for me.

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Coolmanrico3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Fighting games usally have high replay value anyway, but nothing is more satifying then unlocking stuff. Look at Street fighter IV there are nine that need unlocking. The boss require you playing with everyone. Characters that you know you will rarely play with. Useing online play as an excuse, the player can't get mad at the other player for unlocking something they could have unlocked themselves.

cranium3452d ago

Unlockables do add extra replay value to a game. Just look at how MGS4 did with its ridiculous amount of unlockables.
So unlockables=good thing for games.

CobraKai3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Even a simple costume addition like the ones in virtua fighter are enough to make me unlock more and keep playing.

GIJeff3452d ago

are supposed to have unlock-able characters. its kind of a standard. this guy is smoking too much crack. i guess the new plan is to give you "all" of the characters and then make you buy new ones a couple weeks after launch. i hate this.

sam22363452d ago

Might as well cancel my pre-order then. T5:DR (PS3 version) got old fast because everyone was unlocked from the start. Online was garbage - you couldn't play a match without someone quiting half-way through because they were losing.

To bad everyone will lap up the DLC, though. Just look at SF4.

thehitman3452d ago

If you play alone and have no friends it gets old fast. I played probably like 4k+ rounds of Tekkan5 DR and the online isnt that bad it has the best of any fighting game I played and they keep improving it and tweaking it. I am very confident that 6 will be worth while,although some unlocks would be nice for SP mode.

Baka-akaB3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Hmm from what i've seen myself , and read , T5 DR is easily one of the worst online experience . between the lag , the blocked regions ....

besides imo , unlockables or not , fighting games are quickly boring if alone , as it should be , it's by essence a multiplayer kind of game .

At most you would play dress up in SC as an ex , or mini games like all SC's modes , but that too burn outs quickly .

GIJeff3452d ago

online + fighting game = little b1tches. people cheese balling their way through fights, finding exploits and....exploiting them. i prefer to play locally with fighting games.

SkullSplitter3452d ago

I wish we would start with about 30 characters and the one's that are most important to the story (Jin, Kazuya etc) and the secret/special one's will be unlockable. It gives you a reason to finish the story with each character, other than just for the heck of it.

Serjikal_Strike3452d ago

this news just knocked alot of points off this game for me....
that alone could of been a few xtra trophies/achievements...

2FootYard3452d ago

But I like unlocking things!

SuperStrokey11233452d ago

Same here, unlocks are always fun

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