Silent Hill: A History

There really is so much to love about these games, about this town. If you're a fan of horror, and if you've never experienced one before, pick up a Silent Hill game. The Silent Hill franchise has reminded its fans what it was like to be a child, afraid of what might be lurking in the Stygian darkness within your closet or under your bed. Truth be told, these are the games that separate the men from the boys when played alone, in the dark, at 3 o'clock in the morning. You've been warned.

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CaptainKratos3458d ago

i remember when i wanted to play something similar to resident evil.i was young when my dad took me to BestBuy i saw this game and i was like hmmm this or some other game?(forgot) i choose Silent Hill and it's changed my LIFE!!! a little, but a lot in the future which is now,i Now i own all of them even the lousy Homecoming.

i was scared chietless when i open the case!those eyes know what im talking about.

thereapersson3458d ago

I don't think any of us could ever forget Dahlia Gillespie's piercing gaze staring back at us from inside the jewel case.

cayal3458d ago

There was nothing wrong with Homecoming.

thereapersson3458d ago

It was actually one of the worst SH games made

CaptainKratos3457d ago

Did you play any of the games before Homecoming?it sucked compared to the rest. the combat, story,graphics, enemies. IT SUCKED!!!

cayal3457d ago

Because it isn't as good as the others doesn't make it bad.

And frankly I enjoyed it. My opinion.

CaptainKratos3456d ago

this is mine.
1. its not as good as the others
2. even when not comparing it with others it still sucks on its own.
3. And saying "Because it isn't as good as the others doesn't make it bad." read #2. ;)
idk, it just doesn't feel like a silent hill game to me.
I still want to be your gamer friend

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Gamer_Politics3457d ago

too bad Homecoming sucks :(

ajay_solidsnake3457d ago