Tekken 6 Update.

New tidbits from the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine indicate a massive overhaul for many of the older characters in Tekken 6. Among the main highlights of the article were:

* Animations have been changed for every character!
* All characters have an "item move", like the Bryan shotgun we saw at the AOU trailer. Although not all of them will have the same effectiveness.
* An example of an "item move" will be Anna throwing her high heels at her opponents.
* Harada officially stated that Leo IS a girl.
* So far Yoshimitsu has gone under the most drastic change. Harada notes that it will be much more difficult to use Yoshimitsu this time around and they consider him an "Expert" character.
* A lot of Lei Wulong's laying down stances have been changed. They look more like Lei Fei and Shun Di's laying down stance from Virtua Fighter 5.
* Many changes were done to Marshall Law. It is noted that fans of Bruce Lee and those that know of Jeet Kune Do will be very pleased.

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kamakazi4267d ago

cant wait for this game. damn cant wait, think ill play some TEKKEN DR

i wonder what kind of item move will each characters will have. trying to master dragunov, it really is an awsome match up playing against my bro and his BRYAN since both characters are rather quick.

omansteveo4267d ago


I'm sick of re-hashed characters that you guys try to play up as new ones

sajj3164267d ago

Alot of fun to play in HD. I'm very excited about this one! I can throw Anna's high heels!!! It'd be like my wife throwing her shoes at me but in the virtual world ;)

kewlkat0074267d ago

be in here. So when is this coming to the 360? I love fighting games. I know Playstaion has some of my favorites. I just can't dish out $600+ bones for a console just yet. Tekken 2 TAG Tourny, is still the best one I think. I guess I'll have to play this at somebody's house. Damn NAMCO, when is the next-gen Soul Caliber coming out, anybody know?..

artman4267d ago

SC4 had been develop for PS3 since august last year... hopefully will be the end of this year, or early next year... I'm sure they will release for 360 too, just like SC3

Snake_Doctor4267d ago

Between TTT and Bond competitions on the PS2 I had many a late night getting to bed. If they have tag mode and practice on this game I will send Namco my cash Today!!! (not really but im just saying that would be awesome).

I doubt Tekken 6 will come to 360 (since it will be running on PS3 architecture in arcades).

Babylonian4266d ago

So far only SC2 has been multi, but there still isn't any word on SC4. If it does go multi then it is only better cause more people can play.

As fas tekken goes, it won't be multi. Heck they even used the same type font of the PS3 on the number "6".

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The story is too old to be commented.