Two Dissidia Bonuses for US Gamers

Square Enix has struck a deal with two of the largest game-selling retailers in the US to give away some exclusive Dissidia goodies to those who preorder the game. Fans will only be able to get one unless they buy from both places - so they'll have to choose.

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DNAgent3377d ago

So basically the only real "bonus" is the cover which is pointless and the soundtrack which you can already listen to on youtube. S-E just keeps on failing (not to mention that this is yet another one of their mediocre games).

mpmaley3377d ago

Meh for slip cases. I'd prefer the sound track off Amazon. But for me I pre-ordered the PSP-Dissidia bundle from Gamestop. I really don't like shopping there but they're the only place that is going to sell this bundle. Can't wait for Aug 25 :D

AP3377d ago

The bundle is pretty good value, but the only problem is it's not a special edition PSP with FF printings on it like Japan got for Dissidia - just a normal PSP - and the game will probably only come in a cardboard sleeve inside, like the Ratchet bundle... :(

ChampIDC3377d ago

Yeah, my Rock Band bundle came with a sleeve. I hate that.

mpmaley3377d ago

Oh...I didn't know that. That makes me sad now :(

iamtehpwn3377d ago

but I might buy it (legally) in English).

wazzim3376d ago

at the time when there was hype about it and played it for a long time. So I am no longer interested in the English version.

lepolohuevo3376d ago

Well, it's better than nothing I guess. Now if only Square could shorten their traditional delay between Japan and USA/Europe, that would be very nice.

Myst3376d ago

If they had brought over the special edition PSP I would have gotten, well anyway I'll still throw down a pre-order on the game just so I can make sure I get it.