PS3 version of Prototype features installation bug, annoying workaround

Did you just pick up the PS3 version of Prototype only to discover you can't, um, play it? You are not alone! If your PS3 tells you that you don't have enough hard disk space for the installation -- and you know that it's LYING to you -- then you'll have to use a workaround provided by Activision support.

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doshey3391d ago

prototype will be great, too bad it don't work

Wizeguy213391d ago

This is an Epic Fail on activision's part...

chrisnick3391d ago

same thing with ratchet and clank well, back to platinumizing infamous.

s8anicslayer3391d ago

Alls you have to do is remove any video of infamous that you have on your harddrive and it will work, if that fails remove most of the videos you must and viola it works, It worked for me and so it should for you. Is'nt it ironic that you have to remove media of the games main competition in order to play it, shame on you activision

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Milky Joe3391d ago

""change the amount of free hard disk space on your system by 700MB. This can be done by either installing another PS3 game (like Infamous), downloading game demos (like the Infamous demo), or downloading and removing videos from the hard drive (like videos of Infamous).""

I laughed. XD

And why in the hell does this only come to light now? Didn't they do any QA? Given that this is the very first thing you have to do before you can play the game, I can't see how they'd have missed it.

Unicron3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Activion's poor QA is more to blame in this situation. So many amazing games DON'T have installs, so whatever Mooks says doesn't really change reality.

I actually enjoy having BluRay on my PS3.

Stupid sexy Dark Knight. And Star Trek/Transformers 2 this holiday season is going to utterly own.

chrisnick3391d ago

the majority of ps3 games as of late don't have large installs if any at all, some devs are good, others are not as good, 3rd party or not. Enjoy swapping forza!!!

gamesR4fun3391d ago

n it worked fine 4 me...
games worth the 10 or 15 megs it takes...

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StephanieBBB3391d ago

Kinda like if M$ hadn't had the 360 manufactured in a third world country by people that doesn't know what the internet is, the RROD would have been none existant.

-MoOkS-3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )


Stating the cause of the problem is not bashing.

table3391d ago

only the ps3 has a good blu-ray player. Mods here suck. Mooks gets away with constant BS. Can't believe you havn't been banned yet.

SupaPlaya3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

says Hi.

But I agree, the slower speed/subsequent installation is annoying. MGS4 is a great, great game but the loading times kinda bother me (not the act installs, which I just go and make a sandwich, but the loading times to the next area, and the fact you have press start again). People who find issue with swapping disc but no issue with the loading times are obviously fanboys. And I say this as a supporter of the PS3, as I don't even own a 360.

You can get around the issue like Naughty Dog did by repeating commonly used assets in different areas of the disc (which is great), but it isn't going to work for games like MGS4, which uses almost the entire 50GB. To be fair though, this is Kojima's first take at the PS3, so their next effort will probably be a lot better.

Also, Sony should incorporate the tech for replicating assets across the disk to reduce load times in their development tools to help with the multiplatform game install issue.

This is part of the price we pay for adopting technology early. But if I had to choose again, I'd still choose Blu-ray for the potential to have much bigger games (MGS4) and being able to double up as a HD movie player right out of the box.


The full HD scenes in The Dark Knight is just too EPIC. All movies should be shot using those cameras from now on.

Syronicus3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I can't ignore this one...

This install issue is not a Sony problem but a publisher/developer issue. If ND can make a game like Uncharted run on the PS3 and be one of the best looking console games of all time and have no install then your theory of HDD speeds and BD speeds is tossed out the door.

And then you say "Stating the cause of the problem is not bashing."

Sorry, but you are not stating the problem, you are lying to the folks ehre and rather horribly I might add. You are bashing, plain and simple.

StephanieBBB3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

You gotta understand that different engines use different tech in how to run and load content for the games they support.

If ND's engine would not take advantage of the PS3's cell you would have to install uncharted too. Prototype's engine sucks for the PS3 but is the optimal choice for the PC and 360. The 360 or PC would not be able to buffer the content in the background using the multiple cores like the PS3. So this is what it comes down to plain and simple.

ultimolu3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

As usual, -MoOKs- spreads misinformation in the Gamerzone.
I could think of games, of which doesn't require installation so I agree with Syronicus.

LCF3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

You people dont know anything about Blu-ray. The transfer rate of Blu-ray is higher than DVD. For every hit that the Blu-ray laser reads there is more information transfered than DVD. Just because the spindel speed is on at X2 does not mean that there is less information transfered per hit. Every pocket on the Blu-ray disc can hold more code than DVD.

Transfer Rate
Blu-ray: 2x @ 72 Mbit/s
DVD: 24x @ 32.40 Mbit/s

Again for every hit the laser reads there is more information being transfered on a Blu-ray disc. It's designed for lossless inmind.

Kushan3391d ago

"And why in the hell does this only come to light now? Didn't they do any QA? Given that this is the very first thing you have to do before you can play the game, I can't see how they'd have missed it."

QA WAS done on the game, both by Activision AND Sony and the bug was missed, because it's an unlikely one. It doesn't happen on all PS3's, just certain ones with certain amounts of free space.

Syronicus3391d ago

To put it plainly, it is a developer/publisher issue. FOr any fanboy to mock a console for this issue is simply stupid. This has nothing to do with BD or HDD speeds, it has everything to do with a lack in quality control at a gaming company. Sorry, but no matter the game engine, there are too many titles out there that have not ran into this issue so to make excuses for it is pathetic.

Milky Joe3391d ago

I suppose you're right Kushan, and there have been much bigger bugs slip through QA so I guess this one getting through isn't that surprising.

-MoOkS-3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Wrong, the ps3 blu ray drive is a only 2x drive.

The xbox 360 uses a 12x DVD9 drive

As you can see on the grpah, the 360 has a data read speed of almost 150 megabits per second.

The ps3 drive is only capable of reading around 72 megabits per second.

StephanieBBB has got it spot on

talltony3391d ago

their are ways around installation.
killzone 2 nuff said!

Kushan3391d ago

Killzone 2 isn't an open-world sandbox game that heavily relies on streaming content.

StephanieBBB3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

The PS3 is in no way inferior because it has to take this "different route" than the 360. I mean the end result speaks for itself. KZ2, uncharted 2, God of war III, GT5. They all look like CGI.

One can argue that this "different route" is actually better than the "ordinary" one but I'm not gonna touch upon that subject in here...

ARBitrator3391d ago

Wow that was close huh, way to return to your roots. They were just about to remove you from their friends list and put you out to pasture. Remember the golden rule, intelligence doesn't work here as it does in the real world. Being right only is a reality when it is spoken in support of the right console.

Wooooow! I have starting to get scared for you for a minute there, but you quickly realized what was getting ready to happen and politically made the right choice.

Good for you.

Nice statement, and bubble up.

IdleLeeSiuLung3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

As Kushan said, KillZone 2 isn't open world. You see the most issues with data load speeds in open world games because it is hard to predict what a user will do and the seer amount of data in the world. Hence the many pop-ups in Infamous and GTA IV.

On the other hand though, there is a slight load time in KZ2 as the game completely freezes for about 2-5 seconds while it fetches the data. This happens quite frequently, but is better than one large 2 minute wait.

I say, a hybrid between optional install and pre-buffering (like KZ2) is the ideal solution.

FamilyGuy3391d ago

You DO know that id HDDs were a 360 standard that they would have some mandatory installs as well? It's a PC thing but devs have to work around what M$ decided to do with, what is essentially, their pc.

Ju3391d ago

Funny reading this comments about the installation, when in fact the problem is, that it always reports out of space even if you have enough. That's the problem and a bug in the game. Obviously the "installer" does something wrong in some cases reporting the HDD as full. Now, looks like if you install or delete something else, the FS updates the free space on disk and it works fine again.

And yet, people argue about BD speed, installs and what not. OT, no ?

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Cajun Chicken3391d ago

Bugger, didn't Ratchet and Clank Future have a similar issue? I haven't seen this type of bug for years.

Thanks for the heads up for Friday.

Ellessdee3391d ago

easy to work around once you find out how to though. but for a few minutes when it first happened to me (on R&C) i was pretty pissed off, especially since i had literally just bought a new 320GB harddrive.

belal3391d ago

but not as good as infamous!

hmm while we talk about infamous, il think il go playing that now:D my full upgraded dark powers rooocks compared to det light powers.

gamesR4fun3391d ago

no way jus bout finished my evil hard run now n i so miss my lock ons...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3391d ago

Funny how he keeps referencing inFamous.

LONEWOLF2313391d ago

Well that sucks, i was actually thinking of getting this version since i am afraid the 360 version might have Screen Tearing issues.

Ellessdee3391d ago

its a really easy bug to work around. the same thing happened to ratchet and clank, and look how successful that game is.

shawnsl653391d ago

I bet you most people just downloaded it on their pc/360.. i mean why not TEST the game for free and then BUY it if you like it.. or be shady n keep the pirated version.