God of War III Looks Better Than CGI

Badassgamer: "Yes, you read the title right, this post is here to show people just how much progress the people behind our favourite Ghost of Sparta have made since the PS2 era. The images you will see below are what I would describe as CGI-quality character models."

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bmatthews3207d ago

I dunno what to say, never seen those before, and yes looks better than GOW2's CGI!

I cannot wait for this game to drop, especially when you factor in the fact it'll look even better.

OperationFlashpoint23207d ago

the game looks immense already...

"GOW2 in HD"


Syronicus3207d ago

Those shots look amazing. I too am in the same boat and cannot wait to play this title.

HeavyInfamous3207d ago

Just look at those screens, they look fantastic, Uncharted 2 fantastic!

Darkeyes3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I can't still believe that the thing shown was not native 1080P... So when the game comes out at native 1080P, it will literally blow away any competition. I don't know why people keep comparing this game to Uncharted 2 in terms of graphics. I mean GOW3 has an over the top 3rd person view game and Uncharted 2 has a typical 3rd person view... Just look at the game when Kratos enters closed corridors and the camera zooms in and becomes like UC2... The detailing is as impressive as UC2. It's just that you can't fight 30-40 in that zoomed mode and so the camera zooms out and the same detailing seen in zoomed is not seen... I mean it's absolutely stupid to ask for something like that.

I have seen few sites saying that GOW3 doesn't live up to the graphical hype.. I mean have they absolutely lost it. Show me any other game where you have actually cringed at seeing heads being pulled out or eye being pulled out of socket.


chrisnick3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

kratos is the best looking character model ever created, end of story.

guys, also note that this is goes from menu directly into gameplay. Major strides have been made, i love santa monica so much.

qface643207d ago

i love god of war can't wait to see the game for myself at home

but how about waiting until you actually have the game before you all make your decisions

Rainstorm813207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

heres some screens of GOW3 i took ..................and for those with PS3 heres a GOW3 theme ive created............ =rainstorm &submit.x=2&a ... the theme link is on flickr damn PS3 browser

PrimordialSoupBase3207d ago

More slop about graphics. Boring.

Fat Bastard3207d ago

I wonder what the douches over at Turn 10 think about GOW3

shadow27973207d ago

Is it close? Yes. Unbelievably close, in fact. Is it better? No.

The CGI is cleaner and has a much higher polygon count. It also has better lighting. The God of War III character model is unbelievable for real-time, but it doesn't surpass God of War II's CGI.

As far as character models between Uncharted 2 and God of War III? I'm inclined to give the edge to Drake, but I'm not sure that's fair. Kratos requires much more detail than Drake. He has scars and muscle, while Drake has clothing to cover that up. Kratos also has his fleece. Uncharted 2's character models look like CGI, but they don't have to deal with the same level of detail as God of War III.

Regardless, both games look great and both should be a blast to play!

Torkith3207d ago

Turn 10 would probably say something like...

"Kratos in God of War 3, looks great; but you need to realize that he's only one model. We have over 400 cars in our game. If we were to model only one car, it would look like real life. Give me 400 different Kratos's then we'll talk"

ChulHakSan3207d ago

I am getting the collectors's edition YEAH!!!
@1.11 LOL

FamilyGuy3207d ago

Obviously those are in-game models of Kratos and he DOES look much better than his CGI counter part in part 2 but it was said a while ago that he was made with above all other characters in polygons and whatever other technobable. They said that HE was the focus blah blah blah.

The rest of the game looks great but nothing in the game will look as good as Kratos himself. I wonder if this game will even have CGI cut-scenes like the others? I like CGI cut-scenes in games but they probably won't do it here because... they don't have to.

Karum3207d ago

Remember that the game is still like 10 months from release, if you think it's close to the CGI render from GOW2 then imagine what another 8-9 months of tweaking and polishing will do.

Personally I like the GOW3 shots more than the GOW2 CGI shots but if anyone is unconvinced like yourself (and there's nothing wrong with that, either way the game looks amazing even at this point) then just remember how much development time is left.

Scary stuff.

theEnemy3207d ago

the month we dine in hell.


tplarkin73206d ago

Nothing looks better than CGI (execpt real life). The processing that goes into a single frame of CGI is more than the processing that takes place for the entire GoW game.

inveni03206d ago


Dude, I was thinking the same thing until I ACTUALLY READ THE ARTICLE. Then I realized they were talking about the CG from GOW2, NOT the CG from the recent Assassin's Creed footage.

Even still, though, it looks the same to me. Lighting may be a bit better now, but the model of Kratos is fairly similar.

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Simon_Brezhnev3207d ago

its official god of war 3 has the best graphics on any console including uncharted 2

kurochi3207d ago

I don't know about that... but I'm willing to play both games...... LOL

s8anicslayer3207d ago

Killzone 2 set the bar for Graphics in a console FPS, GOW III will set the stantard for all cosole games handsdown, even before these pics, when G4TV was airing the footage of the demo, I was in complete awe of the level of detail displayed in the game. So as well as the top notch graphics you can also expect top notch gameplay

gambare3207d ago

don't forget the last guardian (A.K.A. TRICO project) , the new screens looks insane:

the PS3 is having a new bunch of superior graphics gaming

Darkeyes3207d ago

Something really great is happening here. Long gone are the times when people compared PS3 exclusive to 360 exclusives.... Just look at all the posts here. Gamers comparing PS3 games with each other. Just shows how much things have changed. We have come a long way since 2007.

Consoldtobots3206d ago

now thats what I call NEXT GEN graphics.

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HeavyInfamous3207d ago

that is all that can be said, I find it funny how some people say the game doesn't look good, yet it's clearly the best looking game in it's genre, and as far as I'm concerned one of the best looking console games I've ever seen


table3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

close but not quite. I still think Uncharted2 will take some beating.

raztad3207d ago

Well, they still have several month of polishing ahead and what will seal the deal is when game reaches 1080p. That will be awesome.