Assassin's Creed 2 Multiplayer And DLC

IncGamers reports Assassin's Creed 2 will have DLC, but more interestingly, fans might see multiplayer modes...

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AndyA3324d ago

Not sure how multiplayer would work in Ass Creed. Co-op assassinations? Rooftop races?

4pocalyps33324d ago

as said below there might be races, get to x mark before the otha player and travel any way possible. or your the assassin and the other player is the mark and so forth. but i don't like how all the devs think that every game now needs multiplayer in order for it to be a good game ¬_¬

joydestroy3324d ago

yeah multi sounds like a bad idea. if i were Ubi, i'd concentrate on just SP this time around since it wasn't all that great last time. in the 3rd one i'd introduce MP.

WhittO3324d ago

everyone seems to be adding multi-player to all their games, its not needed if the sp is good enough. Makes me think the devs themselves dont think their single-player campaign is good enough.

Its not like Uncharted 2 where they have all of the same people working on the single player campaign and actually hired more people to create the multi-player/co-op, most third-party games will just have the same resources but split, half on single player and the others on multi player, so the SP campaign usually isnt as good as if the entire dev team were working on it.

Blaze9293324d ago

Imagine having co-op for the level shown at E3 where the developer said the fires were set by other assassins and they played their part in the assassination plan. Would be kind of cool to have co-op efforts where everyone plays a certain part then the next moves once the other player has done their job.

But versus mode....ehhhh. Rooftop races; could work but would be oh so lame. Maybe some mini game type stuff, maybe even assassination races to kill the target the fastest/first.

himdeel3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

...coordinated assassination mode would be a good idea for multiplayer in AC2. All players have to correctly identify and assassinate a target within moments of each other and then fight their way back to a central location where they battle it out together against a couple of waves of guards. If you incorrectly mark and assassinate the wrong target you have to fight it out until your comrades come to back you up or you kill all your targets to help out your pals.

Or a mode where you have to move an object to some locale on the map but each player can only carry the object so far before the next player must carry the object like a relay. However the person carrying the object cannot attack but can counter while others on your team are attackers or responsible for clearing a path for the object holder. Kind of like UC2 Plunder.

As you can see for this type of game I'm thinking a cooperative mode would work much better than an all out competitive mode just because of the combat mechanics of this game.

irish-leprecaun3324d ago

it wdnt be as good!! multi aint always a good thing

ThanatosDMC3324d ago

Do an ala Demon's Souls type multiplayer game... im so gonna be like a Black Phantom!

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Leord3324d ago

Interesting. I wonder if that will be PvE or PvP...

Fyzzu3324d ago

So many ways multiplayer can go. A hunter vs hunted mode, maybe. Or, yeah, races using the open-world of the city. Or co-op assassinations, or a race to a target, or...

Bit worrying they haven't really decided this late in development though.

Dorjan3324d ago

Good points, I doubt it will be very good.

Malfurion3324d ago

I hope they release more info on this soon, sounds awesome.

Elvfam5113324d ago

is there DLC in the works if the game isn't release yet

AngryAmoeba3324d ago

i wouldn't really say it's "in the works". he said that they have some plans, so they most likely haven't started designing and coding it yet.

va_bank3324d ago

Take out two chapters from finished game, sell the game for $60. Then 2 weeks later sell the missing two chapters for $9.99. That's a 15% profit increase - for doing NOTHING!

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