WoW: Moonkin And Tree Forms Will Be Updated

Blizzard has announced that in addition to the new Bear and Cat graphics for Druids in its hit MMO, World of Warcraft, Druids will also be getting their Tree and Moonkin forms updated.

This change will take place in a future content patch after Patch 3.2, which is likely to several weeks, if not months, away.

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Maticus3366d ago

Nice, wonder what they'll do to trees lol :D

Leord3366d ago

Is the tree form on the article touching herself ? o.O

Dorjan3366d ago

How will the wow players take for this? A lot of people don't like change!

Malfurion3366d ago

It's a Dryad - they're known for such things...

Anyway, about time. /cheer Blizzard!

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