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"We decided to take our time with this review, hence the late posting (that and Sony did not ship us this one in time...grr). While there are many games that offer an open world to play in, while the choices you make effect your gameplay, none have had the heart, the soul and the all around kick ass'ness that is inFamous."

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xabmol3103d ago


The sticky climbing mechanic keeps it out of the 95+ area. IMO

callahan093103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Of course not. Metacritic has been completely ignoring all the great reviews and instantly putting up all the more negative ones. They put up and BigPond Game Arena within seconds, but X-Play's review still isn't up? Come on. Metacritic is a joke.

raztad3103d ago

I dont see why x-play is yet to show up in meta. Very obscure sites with bad scores are readily accepted while others well known like PSLS arent. Something smell fishy at metacritic.

Blaze9293103d ago

here we go. Now metacritic is against Sony too.


Gamertags3102d ago

I have been hearing a lot of good things about this game. Sounds awesome! I am putting this on my 'to buy' list.

xabmol3102d ago

Sorry I'm not kissing the exclusive's @ss.

inFAMOUS is a badass game but it is not without its flaws. The overly sticky climbing mechanic can be annoying at times.

pain777pas3102d ago

The stickiness is what makes this game one of the best 3d games ever released. Tight control ala God of War. This game is boss no doubt I'm just giving my PS3 a break right now that's why I'm not playing it.

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Bordel_19003103d ago

This is one awesome game, been playing it non-stop since I got it and it rocks balls.

II Necroplasm II3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I love the missions where you have to find the hidden objects.
Oh and when you go in the sewers, the graphics look really cool and it's fun

however, I'm really craving for all my powers!

Ju3102d ago

The sewer just show that the lightning in this game is outstanding. More subtle on the surface because the environment is all lit, but down below with high contrast it really "shines".

mrv3213103d ago

Want proof Metacritic is biased?

Go to metacritic and count the number of review under 80 (not including 80) and you get 6. Out of 9 of the low score on N4G

Now do the same for the highest scores which is 1 out of 8.

So you decide. And since when is X-PLAY not 'trusted'

Shortstop3103d ago

Since when they gave MLB 2K8 a 4/5 and MLB The Show 08 a 3/5. Well, that's when they lost credibility to me but I stopped watching the show once they changed from the original format. Way too much crap going on on the screen last time I watched.

4pocalyps33103d ago

is when i will be receiving my special edition copy along with my beta key. cant wait!! :D

4pocalyps33102d ago

looking at the disagree looks like i wont be getting my copy tomorrow then....

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