STALKER: SoC Complete 2009 Patch 1.32 Released

This mod from Artistpavel is an overhaul mod. Not much else is said about it.

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PhilipLarkin3337d ago

I bet the maker of the mod is a really nice guy too

phosphor1123337d ago

What does the mod add? I've played the Oblivion Lost mod, which was amazing..scared me crapless though. Anyway, do give details =].

ColinZeal3336d ago

It combines lot of different mods. Changes a lot of textures. Makes the weather more realistic. A lot of stuff.

Most importantly, It does not change the storyline like the "Oblivion Lost" mod does.

I actually bought a GTX260 Core 216 just to run this mod and game. Overkill, yes. But it´s so worth it I think :)