Texas Cheat 'Em Review (ZTGD)

Cat writes: Love poker but never been able to (legally) exercise your cheating ways? Wideload Games and D3 Publisher bring you Texas Cheat 'Em, a game that encourages you to swap cards, steal chips and have a peak at someone else's hand. With all these dirty tricks in play this is not a game for hold 'em sticklers and aficionados, but a game of twists to draw a new crowd to the hold 'em table.

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Light Yagami3340d ago

Why do ZTGD reviews always make it to the front page yet nobody comments on them?

OSIRUSSS3340d ago

You have to cheat in this game. You try to play straight up and the AI will cream you. I played a Hand and the AI won with 5 of a kind.

Skynetone3339d ago

but i dont see the point in cheating

at 12.99 euro unless theres a demo its a no sell