Plants vs. Zombies sells fast for PopCap

TVGB: "PopCap's been gaining some well deserved respect lately with the release of their addicting Plants vs. Zombies. In fact, word about the game has been traveling so fast that PopCap can now call it their best-selling game."

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Kushan3191d ago

Despite the fact that this game is definitely what you'd call "Casual", I would highly recommend giving it a go, it's annoyingly addictive.

Charlie26883191d ago

I would actually label the game as entry level "casual" but with "hardcore" level depth

evrfighter3190d ago

i just bought this and its actually a pretty good entertaining time sink.

Lucreto3191d ago

I saw the zombies on the lawn video on youtube and it made me buy it instantly.

Lipscomba3190d ago

I can't get that song out of my head! (there are zombies on your lawn!...there are zombies on your lawn). It's the song that did it for me!