UFC Beatdowns

"So people are wondering if Fight Night 4 will be better than UFC Undisputed. Too early, right? Fight Night isn't out but it looks awesome. And the UFC game isn't as well known.

A few things are certain, though, about Fight Night. You won't be able to stand over a defenseless man and bury your fist into his face. You won't be able to turn his arm the wrong way until he loses the will to fight. So this video is my early vote for UFC Undisputed. Knockouts all around."

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FragMnTagM3495d ago

It just doesn't look right. Looks a like the animators are a little fruity. Aren't there other ways to beat the crap out of someone that doesn't involve getting your sexuality questioned?

Nick2120043495d ago

Even though it may look wrong, that is what they do in UFC.

FragMnTagM3494d ago

And in no way do they look as wrong as the video posted.

What I am saying is that the animators could have done a better job.

At the end of the day animating one of those scenes, they honestly looked at their work and thought it looked good.

In a real UFC fight, when someone is pinned and getting the crap beat out of them, it does not look homosexual at all. In the animations in the game, they just do not look right. I am sure it is a fun game, but it could have been done better in the animation area.

Also the knockouts don't look nearly as good as Fight Night.

Brixxer6003495d ago

UFC is one of the deepest fighting games i've ever played , just when you think you've sussed it all you discover something new , absolutely brilliant and very brutal , just like the real sport.

Halo3 MLG Pro3494d ago

I been on the fence with this one since I already have a backlog of games I need to catch up. But I love deep fighting games. Might have to check it out.

Dead_Cell3495d ago

It's a game and an actual sport.
Just because you're playing out homosexual themes in your head doesn't mean it's actually there,most people are more mature than that.

FragMnTagM3494d ago

all they need is no clothes and they are definitely in the right positions. Go to Youtube, look at a real fight, and then look at the game footage again, and tell me it looks the same.

Dead_Cell3494d ago

Rofl,a real fight?
People get there faces and bodies bashed to a pulp into someone cannot take any more and your questioning UFC's status as not actual fighting?
If that isn't real fighting then what is?