EA Sports Active vs. Wii Fit

John Davison writes: "With the release of EA Sports Active come the inevitable questions about how it compares to Wii Fit. EA Sports' timing is near perfect, launching the title a year after Nintendo's groundbreaking and phenomenally successful product, while leveraging the guilt that many of us feel for leaving it gathering dust in the corner. Can video games really get us up off the couch and on the path to losing weight? Wii Fit certainly proved that we all had the will, but can EA Sports Active finally provide the way?

Though the two games are designed to inspire the same kinds of activities and achieve similar results, they are actually very different in terms of execution. Electronic Arts is keen to point out that Wii Fit offers more of an "Eastern" approach to fitness that's focused on health and wellness, while EA Sports Active embodies a more "Western" approach that makes you sweat more.

So are they really that different? Will one help you burn off the flab more than the other? We spent some time with both products to catalog the differences and the similarities."

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