Order of War Minimum Specs Revealed

Order of War developer has revealed the expected minimum specs for their forthcoming World War 2 RTS, Order of War, in an interview with IncGamers.

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Fyzzu3437d ago

That's not bad really. Doesn't sound particularly system intensive.

thetamer3437d ago

Brilliant. So it looks like it'll probably work on a lower spec machine too.

Leord3437d ago

Yeah, pretty scalable.

Leord3437d ago

Oh, I'm surprised. Thought they were going to be awful. I think even I will be able to play with my oldie.

God knows I do need an upgrade though...

Dorjan3437d ago

Us with older systems wouldn't be able to look at this... I like the games you can turn off everything and play with boxes and lines xD

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