ResumePlay predicts e3

With E3 merely weeks away, predictions have been flying around all over the internet. Some of the writers at ResumePlay has came together and listed their top predictions and hopes as to what will come out of E3. We will continue our conversation in our forums so make sure you check those out and join in on the conversation.

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Maxned3389d ago

Wow. Evan Newton sounds like someone from N4G.

Smacktard3389d ago

What? How was Nintendo's fall conference disappointing? It was absolutely awesome. I think everyone was in agreement that it was fantastic, and that that should've been their E3 show.

And yeah, that Evan Newton character sounds really immature.

Smacktard3388d ago

ITC: People who haven't seen their Fall conference and disagree anyways or disagree because NINTENDO

boodybandit3389d ago

As a diehard gaming fan it's my Christmas.
All I want is the games we know are coming to be given release dates.
The games we don't know about to have as much information as possible and real time in game footage from them.

For once don't waste our time with pie charts of how things are going for you and how you measure up against the competition. After all I am a gamer and not a stock holder. Just give us the games! Games, games and MORE GAMES!

karan86243389d ago

They put out some PRETTY obvious predictions.

I think Sony will steal the show, PSP2, Psp games, all the new exclusives, and some added features (that music videos thing they talked about). I think Microsoft will put some new Halo footage out and announce some new games, but thats about it. As for the wii.... who cares?

Head Shot King3389d ago

Cause if it does not happen you will look like a A hole for saying stup!d things like that.

Obama3389d ago

"M$ will confuse the hardcore with it’s shameless attempts to ignore them, while simultaneously jerking them off."


Maxned3388d ago

Really? Come on even if you are a Sony supporter you shouldnt listen to that crap. That guy is completely unprofessional for writing that, no wonder he runs a blog for a living.

-MD-3388d ago

Agreed! It's my first time hearing of the site and the second I saw "M$" I left and will never go back.

Do people honestly think Microsoft is going into E3 with nothing to reveal? Give me a break!

I know that site is full of nobodies but the last guys prediction of a new Conker is tasty.

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