Aran Ryan confirmed for Punch-Out!!

New video from Amazon France reveals new character for Punch-Out!!. Aran Ryan will be making his way to the ring in Punch-Out!!

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avantgarde843356d ago

knew he was going to be in it

maniacmayhem3356d ago

When I first saw his name i thought "aryan?".

As in Aryan nation ... I know i'm trippin...

ParanoidMonkey3356d ago

You're not trippin', I thought the same thing.

Maxned3356d ago

Same.. i dont know if thats him in the picture, but he kinda has a typical white supremicast look to him, too :p.

CaulkSlap3356d ago

At first I though this said Ayn Rand.

humanmeat3356d ago

Might as well say Aran Ryan Ation

that's what i read.

knightoftears3356d ago

Nice, he was a little tricky at first in Super Punch Out, so I hope they changed his style up to make it harder this time.

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