Exclusive info about Braid 2

OXM UK writes: "The Braid development blog has posted up 'exclusive info' about Braid II.

And... it's not genuine. Obviously. If the GameInfarcer header for the magazine cover doesn't give it away, then surely the fact that Tim is now ripped, packing a rocket launcher and has his tie around his forehead as a bandana is a give away?

Still, it's good for a chuckle. We do wonder what Braid II would be like if it went down this path though. Hmmm..."

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panasonic233389d ago

can't wait i love the first one.

borgome3389d ago

Wow solja boy must be really busy, making music cd's and developing Braid 2 at the same time, impressive. Props to Solja Boiiii.

Coheno3389d ago

I'm wondering on which platform this will come out!? Cause Jonathan, the creator wasn't happy with MS after the first one...!

thor3389d ago

Surely it would be Braid 0 if they did release a "sequel"?