Will Home Complainers Please Shut Up!

DeAno Jackson at PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "Today, US Home Community Manager Locust_Star announced the biggest update in the services history, including a new log cabin personal space, StageSet, the addition of Japan's Siren gamespace, free Patapon 2 clothing for your avatar, and even exclusive Patapon 2 and Fat Princess developer interviews in the Theater. It's a GREAT update to a service that many people enjoy, but despite that, certain people around the Net still are finding ways to complain about this.

Let's make a few things clear from the outset. Regardless of personal opinions, Home is a service that 5 million people around the world enjoy. That is slightly less than 25% of PlayStation 3 users worldwide. It has made Sony more than a million dollars since the service went into open beta late last year. Third party developers are excited about attracting gamers through this new medium, and have already pledged their support.

PlayStation Home is a success. Get over it."

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dragonyght3389d ago

its useless to try to convince them since they cant see pass their nose

CaseyRyback_CPO3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Home as it is is great. There is nothing like it in the gaming world thats tied directly to games. Second life is a great virtual world, but Its not exactly doing what HOME is doing for PS3 consumers.

However, Home as it is is definitely NOT what was hyped/advertised/spoken by Sony. Trophy Rooms, Music/media options/sharing, and Game Launching was what was shown. Its evolved into something else, but Sony has yet to address the original reason EVERYONE was interested in home in the first place. Which is just BS. A simple "this is why we cant do Y, this didn't work out because of X" Is better than coughing then ignoring the question to answer the moron who is asking about Eye of Judgement swag.

Sony definitely lied to its userbase about HOME, and its features. But the features they didn't lie about simply dwarf the would-have-been-cool features.

The problem with home is this, and its just because of the nature of home:

1. Trophy room, No one cares to come home to your apartment. Even if you have games like the namco machine installed. The reason is because unless they are your close friends, they would rather talk/interact with people in the plaza/other spaces. Sure it would be cool, but only to your buddies, whom either have just as many trophies, none at all, or something else. I go to my good friends apartment, look at his trophies... Great, then i go back to his.. look at his trophies.. great..

2. In game launching, this is definitely needed. Shockingly Capcom has really put their feet forward in this element, not only with unlocking home swag, but releasing game launching for 2 major titles. Its easy to see that this is a developer issue, and nothing the home crew can do themselves. It should be mandatory going into the future though.

3. Trading Videos/Photos, great idea. But much like voicechat was ruined by pedophiles and retarded n00bs, sony will be sued instantaneously once some 12 year old sees a photo of my junk. If they limit it to videos PURCHASED over PSN, i think this can be done. but User generated piracy/n00blets ruined this feature.

I mean that stuff was great, but we dont live in the perfect world to where it would be pulled off. Which I can use common sense and see, but sony needs to address that. Home is amazing for non-gaming fun, or even gaming fun. The people complaining about not having trophy rooms and other things i'd imagine aren't going to be the social butterflies sitting at the poker tables playing games simply just for fun. Which I did the other night instead of actually playing anything, great fun to be had in home. Sony needs to come clean about lying, and come clean about the Bull features. The pedestrian "JUST WAIT ITS GUNNA BE AMAZIUNGGUGH!!!" is getting old(for those features).

Well, this is short for me, but i side with the complainers on this one. Add the stuff you said you were going to add, or at least explain to the community paying your bills.

pixelsword3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

...I kid, I kid!

Great points!

Actually, I don't even know if Killzone 2 can launch from home, and like you said two Capcom games can launch from home, so what the effen eff?

CaseyRyback_CPO3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Soo yeah, they lied about what they could do at all those e3's/


pixel, checkout the link.. its the SCEE Home manager guy answering basically what we are talking about.

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Lfmesquite3388d ago

I personally haven't been a big fan of HOME, so I just haven't used it much. Recently I've revisited a few times and it's getting better. There's more rooms and activities now and there's still a lot more to come, and there's always some people using it and socializing.

Home is only a failure if you were talking about it being a huge system seller or something. If you just take it for what it is, it's actually turing into something decent and I might actually use it once in a while, it's not horrible or anything.

4Sh0w3388d ago

honestly Home has been a huge dissapointment imo, I was just expecting it to be this huge social experience with a bunch of mini-games and contests, as it turns out its only a fraction of what sony promised it would be, I guess it will get there in time, but how long? and will people still care if they have to wait so long while it evolves?

CaseyRyback_CPO3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I love home. But sony lied about what it would do, lied in videos, demonstrations, previews, everything. Under promise and over deliver. They SHOULD be tight lipped, especially when nothing is confirmed. Like XI/EA's Space. Phenomenal features that were hardly spoken of at time of launch. No expectations, little buzz, and bam. Amazing.

Sony isn't getting a pass for this. The link to the eu forums does have a simple explanation, which was asked for since the features didn't seem to be landing.

phosphor1123388d ago

If they haven't had a chance to do what they claimed they would do.
Saying "I will fix your car" and not doing it, is a lie.

Saying that same phrase, but having intentions on doing so (e.g. keeping your word) renders the phrase not a lie.

CaseyRyback_CPO3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

how about you read that link, they cant do the features that were claimed. And it explains why. Which is all I wanted personally.

You guys are as bad as some others on this site when you think someone is being negative about something. Sony lied about it. Nothing wrong with that, companies do this, and Home is entertaining without said features, but the BS features that drew most people in aren't in home at all.

They showed off features they couldn't do.

callahan093388d ago

@ Casey:

This quote from you struck me as odd, "better than coughing then ignoring the question to answer the moron who is asking about Eye of Judgement swag."

Why did you mention EoJ specifically? I'm an EoJ fanatic and I don't think that's a particularly good example to use, and quite an odd one at that (unless you have a specific instance of where that happened, which I'd like to hear about if so!) because Sony has a bad history with us EoJ guys. They'll do promotions and contests and then do a terrible job of getting back to us on our prize winnings or answering our questions on the fate of the game and any future sets of cards they may release. Just recently they had a tournament for Dioskuri promo cards (the most rare card) and it was supposed to have 100 winners, but most winners aren't being contacted or have not had their queries answered when we contact them. The way they've been treating EoJ and the fans of EoJ has been pretty crappy lately... they need to realize that every last one of us (and there are plenty of us) would be willing to buy more sets if they made them, and that new offshoots to the franchise would sell just as well as the current expansions. But they keep ignoring us...

Oh well. Tiny rant... As a huge fan of the game, I wish Sony would put a little more care into us!

ActionBastard3388d ago

The rational, level headed complaints of Home are exactly the type of feedback Sony wants/needs. I agree with Casey. They hyped the sh!t outta it and it turned out to be half of a half of a half of what they showcased at GDC. And it's their fault. That said, what they have done with it has been great IMHO. The spaces, Xi, the consistent stream of is very cool. No, it's not perfect and yes it could be a lot more, but, isn't that why it's a beta? :)

SprSynJn3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

"They showed off features they couldn't do."

Yet, what it can't do YET. That is what he is trying to tell you, but you keep skipping over it for some reason. I have said it many times and I will continue to say it, Home is a wonderful product for its price. Since that price is $0, no one has a right to complain in my opinion. When/if we start to pay for it, then you can complain in a profession manner.

phosphor1123388d ago

All it really says is that while they aren't working on those things we'd all like, they are working on the essentials. Ya know, maybe the ability to login just as quick as the PS3 starting up? It's all about stability and consistency at this stage. Later on they will add functionality. That's how it was for the PS3 firmware. They made sure everything was working without crashing, THEN they implemented all the other doo-dads we see today.

"Drexl: With a 3D trophy room...but for now we feel we can better spend our time building other things in Home.

TedTheDog: The sharing your trophies thing is quite important i think. Look at the number of people in the forums with signatures that have their trophy information in them. We know people want to share and friend’s lists are limited."

See that? That's them saying they AREN'T working on that just yet, but they do find it important to add that. Those statements do not formulate a lie.

Most everything else they say talk about their visions they have, and what they plan on achieving.

If you would like, point out something from that Q & A that shows that they lied to us. Enlighten me.

SL1M DADDY3388d ago

Needs to rethink the issue. Home is free. It may not be for you. it may be successful and never come close to what you want it to. Home is what it is. It is getting bigger and better and of you can find something to complain about it, then Home is not for you.

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DoucheVader3389d ago

How many people b!tch and complain about a free service such as home. Sure it's not perfect, but the price is right.

I am not talking about standard feedback, but all out b!tching like...

OMG I will never use Home again unless the devs do XXXX.

FPShooter3388d ago

I agree with you 100%. So many people have so many complaints about Home one would forget that its a totaly optional service with a $0.00 price tag.

I like the progress that Home has made from launch. I also realize that Home is still young and progress takes time. Home has had plenty of updates since launch and that tells me that they're trying to get closer to what more gamers want. I can admit that Home is not perfect but for that matter what is?

Home is going to be a something special someday and until then i'm just going to continue enjoying all the PS3 exclusives.

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You Already Know3389d ago

I am one of the complainers....but you do have a point...

however...saying that Home is a service that 5 million users "enjoy" is far fetched, it is a service that 5 million users have used...

and while this update sounds decent and all...I'm still not using's just not my thing...'s a great "free" service...but it still has a ways to go for even half the current users to actually enjoy it...

-EvoAnubis-3389d ago

Which is fine. Home doesn't need to appeal to everyone; that's been a major strength of the PlayStation brand as a whole. As it updates and more features and spaces are available, it'll become more relevant to the community as a whole.

3388d ago
Spike473389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

is that it has seemed to wander off of what it was supposed to be. Unless you have clan friends or something along those lines, you will find that Home has many "special individuals".

Apart from that, Home is free and amazing for what it is.

SL1M DADDY3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Home does not wander off of what it was supposed to be but rather what YOU thought home was supposed to be like? See, getting your hopes up the hyping something based on unofficial media will cause many to be jaded for all the wrong reasons. Heck, even Sony might have tossed out some target desires for Home but until it rolled out, there was no true facts about what it would be. Just waht people wanted it to be.

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