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"The game deserves big credit for ramping things up and becoming a more engaging shooter the further you go. My experience lately is that most games lose their juice toward the end and struggle to introduce a proper pitch of reworked foundational ideas, but Killzone 2 really hits its stride midway and continues to surprise. The clueless hoo-rah machismo and tad-bit-generic This Is War texturing is more of a turn-off here than I'm used to feeling, but the distant-planet atmosphere turns the whole thing right around when it needs that extra crackle. Expectations are sometimes unfair in this industry; if Killzone 2 doesn't actually land on those year end lists, no matter: this is yet another in the line of strong first-person shooters waiting to make PS3 owners quite happy."

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WildArmed3389d ago

i hate reviews that make my head hurt when i look at the score.
they should always take a game out of 5 or 10 lol
so.. 75% rating.
not bad i guess.

Phantom_T3389d ago

Annoys me that people think this game has no story.
Just because you don't have the intelligence to understand what the developers tried to portray doesn't mean it isn't there.

redsquad3389d ago

I was surprised at how interesting the story for KZ2 actually was, particularly how it tied to KZ: LIBERATION (which I haven't played) and the Red Dust device.
I guess some people just see what they want to see (or had made their minds up before giving the plot time to unfold)

Phantom_T3389d ago

It was more of an emotional story than an action sequence.
Currently most games follow a certain theme.
Gears of war - Evil Locusts wiping out humanity
Halo - Evil Covenant wiping out humanity
COD4 - Evil terrorists trying to destroy the west
Resistance 2 - Evil Chimera wiping out humanity.
It's basically a good vs evil theme throughout most shooters.

Killzone did it differently,the Helghast are instantly assumed to be bad because of the hellhole planet,black fatigues and glowing eyes,from a viewers perspective it works well until you encounter them in game and cutscenes.
There just more...."extreme" than the ISA and zealous in there fight for what they believe to be theres.
A good comparison is Black Hawk Down,basically a war situation where whatever can go wrong,DOES go wrong.
The first wave to land is wiped out -
The fleet is burned -
Losing ground time and time again -
The ISA sorely underestimated the Helghast,which is shown how at the start how there expecting to be "in and out within a month."

It also shows the soldiers story instead of the full picture,all the way through you're shown the brutalities of war in a fictional setting.
Garza dying to frindly fire -
Rico slowly going mad through battle fatigue (when you find the scout team in the desert/things he says throughout the game) -
Resentment and tension building between the soldiers (Natko and Rico)-

Ending cutscene was done brilliantly as well,and showed real life reactions to fantasy situations
"The war is over Viscari you lost"
"Really? Then tell me Sergeant Sevshenko,who won? your fleet burned,your friends butchered,and you call this a victory?"

Personally I think it has a much more indepth story than most generic shooters,Purely because it doesn't show war as black and white just different shades of grey.