Socom Confrontation: Patch 1.5 Target Time Frame

"I know you are all anxious to hear of a release date for Patch 1.5 and for DLC. You all know by now that we can't give you a date until we have one that is for sure. But I am going to give you a tentative time frame.

As I mentioned in my post last Friday, the patch is in QA now. Because of its size and all of the new features it includes, extensive testing is planned. So I can tell you that the patch most likely will not be ready before mid to late May.

- Cindy Bowens

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DEADEND3513d ago

Hey slant 6 did you guys see the new game play for MAG today? All I have to say to you guys is thanks for making Socom suck and you should be taking some serious note from MAG you might learn something.

yukmouf3513d ago

zipper fvcked up socom with the release of socom 3 and combined assault. confrontation is miles ahead of socom 3/CA at least.

Bits-N-Kibbles3505d ago

were all great. Given all the power and capabilities of the PS3, confrontation did not live up to the SOCOM name, hype, and performance that many expected

SPECTER3513d ago

Uh,,,, no S3/CA actually worked when they came out. they where full games also.

RumbleFish3513d ago

HE: is telling the full truth about SOCOM!

Haters welcome! xD