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Time Crisis 4 On Its Way To PS3?

Not sure if this is a mistype, but EBgames are now advertising Time Crisis 4 (with Guncon no less) for the PS3 with a pre-release date of 11/13/07 and a $89.99 price tag. Have Namco finally resolved the infamous lightgun/HD Tv's issues? I guess we'll have to hold our breath. (PS3)
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gooner  +   2925d ago
not eg games but thats cool m$ started paying compabies to port ps3 exclusives to 360 now everyones looking to be on their payroll lol
VirtualGamer  +   2925d ago
are not the way to determine release dates or actual titles. They are often mistaken and they put up releases date even when one has never been given by the publisher. All they do is estimate and then update it to the actual release date once they know.
DJ  +   2925d ago
Time Crisis 4 rocks. They definitely need to bring it over either way.
Odiah  +   2925d ago
But Wiki claims it's coming out for wii.

I think wii is totally suited to the lightgun genre.
ALIEN  +   2924d ago
BIadestarX  +   2924d ago
Nice; I like TM. I really hope they don't try to use SixAxis for this. Nothing beats the light gun when it comes to these type of games. And please don't even try telling me that force feeback is last gen.
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