Sacred 2 Goes Gold For PS3

GrE writes, "CDV Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment today announced that Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has gone gold for the PlayStation 3. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, as you all know by now, is an action-RPG that combines a massive hand crafted game world with a unique storyline and seamless drop-in cooperative play. The game is now set to release in North America on May 12, 2009."

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Neco5123499d ago

Good to see it go live for the PS3! I know we got news of the 360 version just a few days ago

CrAppleton3499d ago

I was wondering if they were going to announce the PS3 version.. scared me there for a min.

George Costanza3499d ago

I for one hope this game does well enough to save the developer I believe from bankruptcy.

hay3499d ago

@1.2: I hope it's good enough to sell a lot.

Montrealien3499d ago

Good stuff, we need more western RPGs like this on our current gen consoles.

Daver3499d ago

nice i was hoping for a May release date, so i can buy it before Infamous :)

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reluctant_gamer3499d ago

Hmm... Too bad I already have it for PC. Maybe I'll pick it up just to compare.

CrAppleton3499d ago

I don't game on PC.. so I'm looking forward to this one

Neco5123499d ago

PC is a great gaming outlet, too bad you have to buy a new parts for it every time you want to play a new game, unless you spend sh!t tons of money on a super comp.

Jinxstar3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

@ Necro

I traded in my 360 over a year ago and used the money from that to upgrade my POS PC. I have yet to find a game worth playing that I can't play on high settings. You just gotta shop around and learn how to build yourself. It's not that expensive.

Besides as long as I can play Diablo 3 I'm happy. From the looks of the game so far that wont be an issue. =D

@ Dogmeat. There are plenty of games. Bioshock I got off steam for a sweet 10$ over Christmas. Tons of RTS's. FPS's with superior to any console controls, online and reliability free to play. Mods that are free.... I could go on and on. If you don't think it's valid I am not going to change your mind but I feel it's cheaper, better and superior in many ways to any console.... Feel how you want about it but there is more to PC gaming then WoW *Cough*Crysis*Cough*Diablo 3*Cough*COD4*Cough* it's a great sku and disc based games usually release cheaper then console ones. 50 $ when compared to 60...

dogmeat eater3499d ago

The only game that anyone plays on the pc seems to be WOW.

Fishy Fingers3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Please dont 'rag' on the PC. It's as respected a format as anyother and you rarely see PC fans bashing the consoles so try returning the favour.

You like consoles, he likes PC. We ALL like games.

Montrealien3499d ago

are we still in 1996? Those arguments are getting old, play games you like, on the consoles and PC you have.

Daver3499d ago

The only games that will worth to be played on PC are Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (mostly diablo 3 lol)... thats about it otherwise i prefer being on my couch to play games

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Neco5123499d ago

Yes, I thought for sure someone had just forgotten the PS3 version when they announced the 360 version the other day

killyourfm3499d ago

Woot! for drop-in coop. I hope Ascaron recoups their losses with this release.

bgrundman3499d ago

Too bad they are already bankrupt.

CrAppleton3499d ago

Well.. they could still very well turn things around

creeping judas3499d ago

woot for seamless 4 player co-op. Apparently you can 4 player co-op the whole story if you want!!!

22sq miles to explore with your friends!!!

CrAppleton3499d ago

Seriously.. I'm ready to see how well this does on the PS3!

creeping judas3499d ago

The PC title received about an average rating of 7.5/10. But that was mainly due to the PC release being full of small bugs and glitches.

Neco5123499d ago

agreed penny, I would like to see a review of the 360 version, to see if it holds up to the ps3

Neco5123499d ago

@creeping judas unfortunately now days small bugs and glitches come with console games as well. Damn them for being able to patch games, DAMN THEM

Pennywise3499d ago

It lost out because of bugs/glitches... but they have had lots of time to patch and include fixes in their console version.

I really need some dungeon fix. I will be picking this game up as long as it can maintain 7.5+ for the online coop.

SL1M DADDY3499d ago

I need a fix for my dungeon creeping needs. This title will help while I wait for Diablo III. I have seen this one on the PC and was impressed a bit. For those who played Titan Quest, are they similar in depth and length?

king dong23499d ago

looking good! nothing special in the graphics department, but looking pretty solid.

i just saw that it was 4-player co-op over xbox-live, so i think it's safe to assume that will apply to the psn aswell.

this game just went from unknown to pretty much a day one purchase in a matter of minutes.

it seems that n4g does serve a purpose from time to time.

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