Data-Fly is not a PS3 exclusive

Despite what you may have heard, there's been no confirmation that Data-Fly is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

There's been some confusion over what platforms Data-Fly will be appearing on. The game from Origo Games recently earnt its first teaser trailer, after being revealed way back in 2005. has been eager to frame Data-Fly as a PlayStation 3 game and has failed to mention other platforms; thus many believed that the game was indeed exclusive to Sony's platform.

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Lotard33515d ago

Maybe it's just me, but I find that picture really freaky. The article makes a good point, lead platform implies that it will be on other platforms. The game is definitely intriguing though.

onijutsu3515d ago

yeah... pending you really could of found a better picture.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3515d ago

"there's been no confirmation that Data-Fly is a PlayStation 3 exclusive."

There is no confirmation that it is multiplatform either. Nobody has cleared up the supposed "confusion". However, the evidence does say it's exclusive considering it first appeared on PSU.

So maybe it's not exclusive, but maybe it is. We don't know if it's multiplatform, so saying it is NOT a PS3 exclusive implies it IS multiplatform, which is a bullsh1t title to grab attention for your website. This is NOT NEWS, only wild speculation.

GiantEnemyFlop3515d ago

she look ugly, i like the old look

techie3515d ago

It didn't FIRST appear on PSU. The developer want's to support PSU for some unknown reason. They are "leading" on PS3 - meaning it's not exclusive.

Trollimite3515d ago

the ps3 has so many awesome exclusives comming out this year that it really dosent matter.

on a side note. there is no confirmation that its multiplat. i cant believe that people are getting desperate for multiplat games.

Muppetmeat3515d ago

Anyone want to remind me why it's's job to tell anyone about game support on a non-PS3 platform?

If it's that big of a deal, contact Macro$haft and tell them to start pushing it. Otherwise stop the stupid only-gamers-care-about-this-st upid-news bickering. It's why you're still a virgin.

gaffyh3515d ago

"Lead platform" suggests it is multiplat, although it could be timed exclusive (but I doubt it). Either way it looks like the PS3 will get a good version of the game.

Why dis3515d ago

This issue was some of the most forced PS3 related fiction yet. I'v been keeping up with this game for years before the Sony camp tried to paint that exclusive picture.

Giriath3515d ago

Hard to "keep up" with something that had one or a few articles back in...2006? That's more than two years of silence.

Why dis3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

You missed the point.

There has never been anything to suggest the game being exclusive to PS3.

*makes over the head swuuuush sound*

If you didn't grasp my first post I was saying I look (check) for any info I can find with this game and a number of others that interest me.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3515d ago

"There has never been anything to suggest the game being exclusive to PS3. "

Uh, yes there is. Letting a PlayStation exclusive website have exclusive info is enough information to suggest that it might be exclusive. It might *NOT* be, but as of now, there's more *recent* information suggesting that it could as well be.

This title is misleading, it's only "deep" looking to get hits. While he does make a good point in that there's no confirmation of it being an exclusive, it's saddening that one of this site's few good contributors is actually using the same tactics as most sh1tty sites out there. Especially since he's selectively choosing to disregard the fact that PSU had exclusive information and not a multiplatform website like say IGN or Gamepro or a lesser site like Meristation.

To sum it up, it may be multiplatform, but as it stands, odds aren't unrealistic for it to be PS3 exclusive. There's probably more chance of Data-fly being PS3 exclusive than Mass Effect 2 or Lost Planet 2 remaining 360 exclusive, all things considered AT THIS MOMENT.

Tommorrow anything could change, but as it stands, the odds of it being a Ps3 exclusive may be *relatively* high.

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Galvanise3515d ago

It could be PS3/PC, but I think it will be on Xbox 360 too. A staff member at PSU didn't reply to me when I asked him, so I think its definitely going to appear on the Xbox 360 too.

butterfinger3515d ago

Gamezine has no confirmation about which platforms Data-fly is going to be on, but it's OK for them to call out PSU when the PS3 has been the only confirmed platform for the game. The funny thing is PSU wasn't the only website to call the game a PS3 exclusive. Classy, Gamezine, really classy...

techie3515d ago

Uh it's actually been called an xbox 360 and PS3 game since 2005.

PSU have been the only ones to say it was PS3 only - they actually titled their story on N4G - "New info on PS3 exclusive Data-Fly" - which made the story rocket on N4G.

And this doesn't read like Gamezine is calling them out - it's simply stating, with proof, that it's on other platforms other than the PS3.

butterfinger3515d ago

you're telling me this article was a complete waste of time if the game has been known to be on the XBOX360 since 2005? Yes, it does read like Gamezine is calling out PSU, if they aren't then what is the point? The only proof they provided was that the PS3 was the "lead platform". I guess I don't have to keep wasting my time with this news that, according to the contributor itself, isn't news.

techie3515d ago

Uh...remember the BioShock news. It's 360, no it's PS3, not it's both, etc etc. Things change over the years. It's time to say that what PSU were reporting as a PS3 exclusive, most likely isn' 360 owners can start to be intrigued by the game.

TenSteps3515d ago

The poster of the article said that, while PSU's real title for it is PSU Exclusive Data-Fly Screenshots I believe meaning the screenshots were only exclusive to as of the moment we all know its coming for the PS3 we are however not sure if it is coming for 360.

The platforms for this game is still unknown with the exception of PS3 so as of the moment people are calling this exclusive. The title of the article is wrong and right, wrong because it is not confirmed by Origo Games to be exclusives and it is also right because Origo Games never said it was multiplatform either.

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jay23515d ago

It's not a PS3 exclusive, we've known this since 2005

DelbertGrady3515d ago

And we all know that PSU is a biased crap site.

Johnny Rotten3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I wouldn't really call them biased. They run a PS3 site only and make very little references to other systems let alone try to bash or give a wrongful image of how the other systems are.

PirateThom3515d ago

It's on 360 as well?!

Well, I'm not buying it anymore... :-/

PS3 was the only confirmed platform, I think most people were in agreement it was probably multiplatform but pending lack of information was only put as PS3. The title's of those articles were way misleading though.

lordgodalming3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

"It's on 360 as well?! Well, I'm not buying it anymore... :-/ "

Are you serious or was that sarcasm that I missed? I suppose that means you skipped out on Prince of Persia and RE5, and will also skip out on FFXIII? Your loss, I guess. My collection definitely includes more exclusive titles, but I've also played some killer multiplats.

Also, I completely agree that the title was misleading. They cast doubt on PS3 exclusivity, but they offered no compelling evidence for other platforms. In fact, they admit that they will "presume" it's multiplat. How is that any different that presuming it's exclusive? It's just like all these titles that say "Blah Blah Confirmed?" No, if there's a question mark, then there is no confirmation. Buy a dictionary.

aldesko3515d ago

Did you not read the rest of his post? It was obvious sarcasm.

PirateThom3515d ago

Definitely sarcasm, I'm not going to miss out on potentially good games. Platform is not an issue.

lordgodalming3515d ago

Good man, Pirate Thom, and apologies for missing your original meaning. My internet chatter decoder must be busted today. :)

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