Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: PS3 Gets Visual Boost Over 360

By MazingerDUDE

Initial media for the PlayStation 3 rendition of Ninja Gaiden 2 suggests that the game has undergone significant retooling since its launch on Xbox 360, but the full extent of the improvements aren't quite as far-reaching as we might have hoped for.

The Xbox 360 code was interesting in that ran at a sub-HD resolution - specifically 1120×585. This resolution was chosen in that it allowed Team Ninja to cram a 2x MSAA processed image into the Microsoft console's 10MB of EDRAM that's attached to the Xenos GPU. What is curious is that based on the media released for the game so far, it looks as though the PS3 version of the game is running at the same sub-HD resolution - interesting in that the Sony console does not have EDRAM.

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GWAVE3402d ago

I hope they will tighten up the choppy framerate of the 360 version.

There's nothing worse than trying to pull off intricate combos while your framerate drops below 10 fps.

ultimolu3402d ago

Or...that weird multiple ninjas glitch move. o-O

I hope they fix all the issues too.

likedamaster3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

"I hope they will tighten up the choppy framerate of the 360 version."

A ridiculous claim. Only instance of a drop was in the stairway fight, nowhere else. I played NG2 from beginning to end 7 times, FYI.

NewZealander3402d ago

the framerate issue was proven to only be a problem in review copies of the game, the retail version was fine but unfortunatly the game recieved lower scores because of the review version.

i played the game in upscaled 1080p and it was ultra smooth.

Killjoy30003402d ago

Well, if this isn't obvious, I don't know what is. If it's being released Fall 09', it damn well better have better visuals than a game released more than a year earlier.

But even if it didn't, I'd be fine with it. Online co-op beats any improvement to this game. Well.. Accept the crappy camera.

IdleLeeSiuLung3402d ago

Co-op is welcome, although it isn't for the story mode, just specific missions ala mission mode.

I don't care about the resolution, but man the lack of blood will be something I will visually miss! It is extremely satisfying to see the carnage left behind with bodies everywhere and blood splattered on the walls and on the street.

Lariat3402d ago

The only thing that I see is a marginal improvement in the detail for Hayabusa's costume. The blood though looks like a massive downgrade. That was the best thing about NG2.

7ero H3LL3402d ago

going by all these pics is does look like the violence is being toned down and being replaced by some sort of purple haze. also none of the body parts are being severed when cut.


solideagle13402d ago

its always playstation version blurry or foggy? i have noticed this from the era of PS2 y cant it produce crisp images like PC games? i dont know the technical stuff but 360 seems not blurry while PS3 screens does. anyone can explain?


Aquanox3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Indeed, it seems Sigma looks better than NG2, but it's CLEARLY related to optimization and not hardware as many will automatically suggest.

Unfortunatelly, NG2 was not the visual juggernaut on Xbox 360 that its predecessor was on the original Xbox. There were many other better looking games around, Devil May Cry 4 for example... which looked better virtually the same on both consoles... Xbox 360 having a slight edge due to MSAA vs Quincunx on PS3.

For the look of things, it seems that NG2 was rushed in some way looking at the framerate problems and the lack of detail in the environments. Usually, one goes gets cut in favor of the other but in this case both performed pretty poor on Xbox 360.

I don't doubt about Itagaki's ability to squeeze hardware at max so I can only presume this title was rushed in some way in the xbox 360.

jackdoe3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Quincunx AA causes a slightly blurry screen. However, depending on your TV, you may or may not notice such blurriness.

@Aquanox: DMC4 is debatable about whether it looked better on the 360. Some things were better on the PS3 (ice effects) and others on the 360 (AA & some background mountain textures)

eagle213402d ago

Have you played Ninja Gaiden Sigma? The crisp graphics should be emblazoned in your mind!

MAiKU3402d ago

What.... if it's for optimization then isn't it hardware as well? If it's being optimized the ps3, then it's being optimized for the hardware so i guess... wouldn't that mean by default it's hardware?

Ghoul3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

"going by all these pics is does look like the violence is being toned down and being replaced by some sort of purple haze. also none of the body parts are being severed when cut."

nope the gore is still there it was just removed for gdc presentations. dont worry.

guns and swords
dont forget that dmc4 has ps3 motion blur only hence some weird blurs on still image comparisons, especially the firedemon

solideagle13402d ago

naaaaa man i dont have a PS3 know i live in Pakistan and prices are here game costs 5000Rs and my whole pay for the month is 16000Rs u get my point.....i m waiting Sony to drop the price of PS3 which is here like 54000Rs and damn HDTVs are like 100,000Rs so i think my days of being gamer are numbered. hehehehe
here 360 is pirate and is at affordable price but cant afford the RROD. u know limitation after limitation. hahaha this is LIFE.

on ur comment: i will gladly play it if it will be in my reach.

dragunrising3402d ago

People seem to forget that NGII and Sigma II run on entirely different engines. NGII for the 360 runs on the same engine as the original Xbox with enhancements. NG Sigma ran on the Sigma engine, created for the PS3. Sigma II also uses the Sigma engine and is being optimized. Therefore we can expect 60 fps and 1080p when it comes out.

GameOn3402d ago

quote from Hayachi : "Violence is not going to be one of the key selling points of this title... It's not all about how bloody it is."

Make of it what you will.

Aquanox3402d ago

All pieces of hardware have limitations, from the basic office PC without a 3D accelerator to the highest end machines. All of them have a limit. The problem is how you use your available resources to display a piece of software - a game in this case - by distributing correctly the processing and storage so it looks and runs properly.

For example, the PS3 has unparalleled CPU processing power in an strictly controlled environment but it have its bottlenecks in terms of memory and bandwidth here and there. However, when well optimized, the results can be awesome. In the Xbox 360 case, it seems that the GPU is one step beyond the CPU technology, so in many cases, the GPU helps processing effects that in the PS3 case are probably being processed in the Cell.

Gears of War 2 and Resident Evil 5 have proven that the Xbox 360 is capable of running visuals much more impressive than those seen in Ninja Gaiden 2, so the logical conclusion is that either the developers weren't skilled enough to know how to squeeze this power (which I doubt after Itagaki's work with NG1) or they were limited by a strict deadline without which, in other circumstances, Team Ninja might've reached similar levels of optimization with the Xbox 360 as in the original Xbox against which Sigma would have serious trouble surpassing.

A good example of an Xbox 360 game that needed an awful lot of optimization on PS3- which pushed Irrational to look for external help from Imsoniac - to achieve similar results is Bioshock.

IdleLeeSiuLung3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

'The mag [Playstation magazine] has a quote from Hayachi saying, "Violence is not going to be one of the key selling points of this title... It's not all about how bloody it is." Instead they're going for "a much cooler, cleaner, sleeker look". So you won't see great big spurts of blood, but clouds of purple essence when enemies get dismembered.'


Sounds like dismemberment will be there, but why remove blood if you aren't going to remove dismemberment?

See blindfromthesun comment. Essentially NG2 was made on an old engine, they really should have redone the engine for the 360.

Ghoul3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

ok now im confused, i read earlier they only removed dismemberments and blood for the demo presentations.

i mean i could care less i dont need it to love it. played every ninja gaiden on xbox1 360 and ps3 expect ninja gaiden2.


ok seems it was a quote from yesterday, i still hope they keep the gore from ng2, at least add it for the fans in te options.

Giriath3402d ago

Notice how Eurogamer wrote that there will be purple essence instead of blood, and not Hayashi? They probably just took his quote, looked at the GDC footage and figured that's what he meant with less violence.

NGS2 will most likely have dismemberment and lots of blood, but it won't color your whole screen ridiculously red.

MAiKU3402d ago

Well your theory does seem plausible.

But then games like MGS4 should be a no brainer for the 360 eh? Regardless of what the developer said.

see what i did ther? bwahahaha.

SL1M DADDY3401d ago

Not necessarily true. We are talking about two completely different platforms and two different teams. The team working with Sigma 2 made Sigma look awesome a while back. I think that they have an understanding of the hardware and know how to push it and make it look better. I don't think time has much to do with it, or at least not as much as you might think.

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Leio3402d ago

Yeah whatever but focus more on the camera thats where the weakness is

MURKERR3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

about the technicality of resolution, i dont sit there playing a game thinking about the resolution, i believe what my eyes are showing me regardless if a game looks good or bad

XxZxX3402d ago

which mean Cell can do better if developer put more time into it.