Fresh inFamous inFormation

ThreeSpeech writes:

"As you've no doubt gathered, Sony have provided us with a wealth of fresh information on the upcoming InFamous title, which has only made the anticipation within the Three Speech hideaway all the more harder to bare.

Kicking things off is a look at the 'Karma System'…

Cole will consciously shift into either a Good or Evil Karmic State depending on his actions. This change is more than just cosmetic, and is something that impacts every aspect of the game including the story, Cole's appearance, the city and the way in which pedestrians react to his presence. Another important change brought about by the level of Karma is the power that Cole will have at his disposal."

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Shane Kim3527d ago

Sounds freaking awesome.

himdeel3527d ago

...unfortunately this video is getting posted every couple of hours and while is one of the newer Infamous vids it's now leaning towards the consideration of being old.

krackchap3527d ago

in sucker punch we trust.
should be an awesome game

DEM903527d ago

I haven't actually paid much attention towards this game. Maybe it's about time to check it out, after all, IGN praised the game in their Hands-on =)

jagstatboy3527d ago

Definitely adds replay value. Play once doing all good, again as all bad, and maybe even again as a mixture. Sounds cool.

II Necroplasm II3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Looks like a Spiderman movie game in HD to me... looks like a good rent though.

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