New TMNT gameplay video

Fresh out of the sewer, mutated for your viewing enjoyment, comes a brand stinkin' new video that showcases your favorite subterranean superheroes in action. There's a wide variety of action to be seen here, from single turtle throwdowns to frantic character-swapping melees, and it happens all over the place, from the deep in the sewers to the top of giant parade floats. Mayhem galore.

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InMyOpinion4290d ago

This looks to be the worst game for the 360 so far!

chitown4290d ago

this game looks so fruity its not even funny. Fantastic!......

donscrillinger4290d ago

the video of the game really sucks .the 89 tmnt is better than this crap..

tomfoolery4289d ago

this is bullship.
These programmers should be shot!
The 360 is capable of 100 times this crap.