Warhawk - Interview, upto 4-player split screen

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The Director behind Warhawk talks to us about the loss of a single-player campaign for a purely epic online experience.

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Marty83704297d ago

This game looks awesome.

BBsin4297d ago

Battlefield.... only that it's 3rd person, way more fast paced and focuses more on aerial combat. I didn't like the fact that they took out the single player campain at first, but if they can keep the multiplayer gameplay good and fastpaced then not having single player will be a thing in the past. Afterall look at how successful battlefield got as an online game. If this game is done right, warhawk might be the game that starts getting the PSN and PS3 alot more credit and respect then they have been getting.

CaliGamer4297d ago

I guess I better get the 160 gig HDD soon, this will be a must buy for online. I don't think downloadable games are usually a must buy but I guess Sony is looking to change that.

lil bush4297d ago

definelty agree with that, usually you theres no reseason to buy online but sony is stariting to cahnge that

hellraiser5014297d ago

Am I the only one who saw the poster of warhawk 2 in the background while the dude with the glasses was talking

rossiscratch124297d ago

I noticed that too, I thought I was seeing things. Good to know I'm not going crazy.... :)

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The story is too old to be commented.